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Did you know Romero House is green?

Bethany taste-testing CAFOD's Fairtrade tea.

Bethany taste-testing CAFOD’s Fairtrade tea.

My name is Bethany, and I am currently attending sixth form. As a seventeen year old girl, who has recently been made aware of many climate change issues emerging in our modernised society, I took the decision to volunteer for a week at the CAFOD headquarters at Romero House. Through my environmental ethics lessons at school in the last year, I have seen how climate change can affect every part of our lives, and the damaging effect it is having to many people around the world. I hope others, like me, can be inspired to start campaigning and take a stand against climate change. Continue reading

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My First CAFOD School and Youth Visits


The CAFOD Youth team loved reading about some global justice youthwork in action in Westminster! Fantastic tips and insights, thanks Stephen.

Originally posted on CAFOD Westminster's Blog:

Schools Volunteer Stephen Bone representing CAFOD at a recent event Schools Volunteer Stephen Bone representing CAFOD at a recent event

Two weeks after my first training session I was provided with the opportunity to shadow two CAFOD staff members, Jon and Tania, who were talking to a confirmation group at St Hugh of Lincoln in Letchworth.

Upon arrival we met the catechists and the confirmation group, both of whom were very welcoming. The presentation began with a well-crafted activity and presentation from Jon. A game of Pictionary was used to illustrate that a church, which had been portrayed by most of the participants as a building with a steeple and cross, was more than a simple structure, it is a community. It was then explained how we have a duty as Catholics to others who live in poverty within this community and indeed the rest of the world.

A series of group discussions then commenced in which the young Catholics…

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Stephen gears up to fight poverty!

Stephen, CAFOD volunteer.

Stephen, CAFOD volunteer.

Stephen Bone has recently graduated in History and Politics. He’s volunteering in the CAFOD Westminster Diocese Office manning the phones, organising events and trading cycling puns with the CAFOD staff!

CAFOD’s work first caught my attention when I was in university studying International Development within the International Political Economy (interesting stuff, right?). The influential and effective work that the organisation carried out, combined with my faith, inspired me to volunteer in an events organisation role.

One such event was Pedal Against Poverty. Along with over 150 other cyclists, my team and I retrieved our rusty bikes from our sheds and headed to the Lea Valley to ride a 19 mile track. We were greeted by a beautiful, clear blue sky and smiles from volunteers and riders alike. The atmosphere was one of joy and unity as I saddled up and prepared for the most exercise I had probably done since I headed to university.

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How to make your parish Fairtrade

Michael Walsh at a Fairtrade parish event

Michael Walsh (right) at a Fairtrade parish event

Michael Walsh is an active parishioner at Our Lady and St George in Enfield and an office volunteer at the CAFOD Westminster office. Here, he tells you how to put your faith into action by making your parish Fairtrade.

Pope Francis reminds us that as Christians we should never consider ourselves exempt from concern for the poor. In the exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, he insists that the current state of play is not acceptable: society needs to be cured of a sickness which is “weakening and frustrating it”. It needs to reject speculation and uncontrolled markets to eliminate the deep-rooted causes of poverty and inequality.

The Pope recognises that this requires politicians and governments to take heed and “broaden their horizons”, but these issues involve everyone. So what can the rest of us do in our daily lives and in our local communities to bring about change peacefully?

Apply to become a Fairtrade parish

Our story
Here in Enfield, we’ve been taking steps together to show solidarity with the world’s poorest people. We’ve brought together a group of parishioners who, when buying their every day groceries and clothing, choose to make a difference by supporting better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. This means purchasing Fairtrade products.

A parishoner stands with an inflatable banana to promote Fairtrade.

A parishioner getting into the Fairtrade spirit!

The Fairtrade Foundation, founded by CAFOD and five other charities in 1992, recognises products where producers and farmers are paid a fair price for their goods, and are given a little bit extra to put back into their communities. The idea is that the more consumers buy fairly-traded goods, the closer we come to the transformation of markets and business practices. This means the poorest farmers and workers can improve their position and have more control over their lives.

A few years ago our parish priest readily agreed that we should become a Fairtrade parish. Nearly half of the parishes in the Westminster Diocese have made the same commitment: a few more and Westminster itself will be a Fairtrade diocese! Will your parish be the one which tips the balance?

Why become a Fairtrade parish?
By supporting and promoting Fairtrade within your own parish, you are speaking out for a fairer global food system. This is something CAFOD has been asking all of us to do with its Hungry for change campaign. When the Diocese of Westminster is recognised as a Fairtrade one, it will give our campaigning a bigger impact and inspire more people to think about where their food comes from. This could happen in your diocese and parish too.

How do I do it?
There are three simple steps that your parish needs to take in order to become Fairtrade:
• Use Fairtrade tea and coffee after services and at all parish meetings.
• Strive to use other Fairtrade products (such as sugar, biscuits and fruit).
• Promote Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight and throughout the rest of the year during social events, worship and any other relevant activities. If you’d like more information on how to do this then read the Fairtrade Church Action Guide.

Once your parish meets these criteria, submit an application form to apply for Fairtrade status. If your application is successful, you’ll receive a lovely certificate to display in your church.

I wish you all the best of luck on your own Fairtrade journeys!

CAFOD is supporting Fairtrade Fortnight as part of our Hungry for change campaign. Find out more.

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Great generation: Volunteering in Westminster

Nathan and Bridget - Volunteering in Westminster

Nathan- Volunteering in Westminster

Volunteering at CAFOD Westminster’s diocese office gives me the opportunity to participate in CAFOD campaigns, fundraisers, training courses and attend talks from overseas partners.

Last month, CAFOD Westminster welcomed LemLem, a CAFOD partner from Ethiopia. LemLem works to bring water to some of the most arid parts of Ethiopia. She spoke about the support CAFOD gives and how, with that support, they have been able to install proper toilet facilities at schools, water tanks in villages and irrigation for local farms. It’s great to hear a CAFOD partner talk about the projects that CAFOD supporters are helping with through their fundraising actions.

Nathan Passing it on at Flame 2012

Nathan Passing it on! at Flame 2012

Through volunteering with CAFOD I have been able to participate in two of their recent campaigns. At the Flame Congress in March I was tasked with filming all the excited young adults walking from left to right across a video screen for CAFOD’s ‘Pass it On’ campaign. Although that doesn’t sound like the most glamorous of jobs, I did catch Archbishop Vincent Nichols unawares after his headlining slot at Wembley arena. Outside the arena, the Archbishop was speaking with a crowd of people so I thought it only proper to ask him if he would like to take part in CAFOD’s Pass it On’ campaign. After a few technical hitches, and a nervous wait, he kindly obliged.On the 15 May, I joined over 30 volunteers at 5am, for a solidarity march along the banks of the river Thames from the Tower of London to Westminster Cathedral. The march was inspired by the story of Esther, who gets up at 5am every day to fetch water. I really enjoyed hearing what the other volunteers had been doing for the ‘Thirst for Change’ campaign. For Instance, Jim Quinn had just finished walking along the banks of the Grand Union canal.

Along his journey Jim was getting people to take part in the campaign by filling out campaign cards and water droplets. When we arrived at Westminster Cathedral, we arranged ourselves into a ‘river of change’, displaying all the water droplets that had messages and prayers written on them. Despite the cold and rain, it was inwardly fulfilling to have been part of the day.

Volunteering at the solidarity march was a great way for me to give myself to a cause. If you would like to take part in a CAFOD campaign then follow this link:

Pedal Against Poverty in WestminsterSunday 27 May saw the 6th annual Pedal Against Poverty cycle ride along the River Lee through North London and Hertfordshire. Having volunteered in CAFOD’s Westminster office for six months, I had noted the sense of anticipation beforehand among the volunteers for what was to be my first Pedal Against Poverty. On the day, I was tasked with taking pictures and interviewing the cyclists to see what they thought of CAFOD.

Everyone was welcoming and the day had such a strong community feel about it. During lunch, supporter Hilary Walls spoke to me about the importance of events like Pedal Against Poverty saying ‘it is a great way for my family to bear witness to our faith’. I really associated with what Hilary said to me having taken part in the solidarity march a few weeks previously.

While speaking with other riders I got the sense that the giving of yourself was just as important to them as the money raised.  Last year Pedal Against Poverty raised £9,000. This year, with a bigger turn out, we are attempting to raise £15,000. This would be enough to provide over 450 families with a supply of clean water. I take water for granted every day, whether it is in the shower, while brushing my teeth or when flushing the toilet.

Taking part in CAFOD’s Pedal Against Poverty is a way that I and over 200 CAFOD supporters can help those around the world who don’t have access to safe clean water.

If you would like to participate in a CAFOD fundraiser or maybe you would like to organise your own event, please visit

I have really enjoyed volunteering at CAFOD campaigns and events. The support and encouragement I have received has made it easy to get involved. CAFOD’s newest campaign, Rio+20, has started and you can get involved. Rio+20 aims to, “secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development”.  If you think it’s important for us to remind our politicians that sustainable development should remain a priority then follow this link and have your voice heard:

About the Authour: Nathan, is guest editor for this month’s great generation e-news! He is a recent graduate from Ealing in West London.  And have been volunteering at CAFOD Westminster’s office since January. He has also taken part in CAFOD campaigns, fundraisers, and attended talks from overseas partners. On 27 May he joined over 200 cyclists in the Lee Valley Country Park for CAFOD’s 6th annual Pedal Against Poverty Cycle ride.


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