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Thirst for change, nine days to go: I told a whole school

Alana speaking out to pupilsAlana Kristi Balicdang, 21, a volunteer in the Westminster diocese, inspired a whole school to take action on the Thirst for change campaign. There are nine days to go before we hand your action cards to Prime Minister David Cameron – there’s still time to get involved and inspire others like Alana did!

Take action now, it’s as simple as sending an email >>

Every decision I make, including doing voluntary work, is rooted in my faith. I was raised by my grandparents, who are religious people. Since I was a child, I saw them practice their faith by doing public service.

They would always quote this saying from the Bible: ‘Faith without works is dead.’ That saying was instilled into me. Without my faith, I would be nothing; I wouldn’t be doing this. It’s my guide.

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Thirsting for Change – a CAFOD 50th Anniversary Pilgrimage

Jim meets his MP

Jim takes part in a CAFOD lobby of parliament

One of the riches of the Catholic Church is its social teaching. This calls us to act in solidarity with our neighbour wherever and whoever s/he is, “Solidarity is first and foremost a sense of responsibility on the part of everyone with regard to everyone” (Pope Benedict XVI, Charity in Truth 38).

For Catholics in England and Wales a remarkable example of such solidarity is CAFOD whose 50th Anniversary is this year. This inspired me to do something to mark the occasion but, more importantly, something that would make a difference to the lives of my sisters and brothers in developing countries.

I believe strongly that our faith calls us to take action to bring about positive change in the world. One way of doing this is by campaigning with CAFOD. My name is Jim Quinn and I have been a campaign volunteer for many years now.

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Thirst for change: Why I’m taking the pilgrim path

Jim Quinn prepares for his Thirst for change walk

Jim Quinn, from the Birmingham diocese, is planning to walk 155 miles on a personal pilgrimage to raise awareness of CAFOD’s Thirst for change campaign. We caught up with Jim to find out more about his hopes for the walk and what inspired him to action.

Where are walking and when? I’m setting off from St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham on 22 April, travelling 155 miles along the Grand Union canal to finish at CAFOD‘s office Romero House on 15 May. On the 15 May, tens of thousands of campaign messages will be delivered to the Prime Minister.

I’ll be travelling through three dioceses: Birmingham, Northampton and Westminster. I will be joined on the last day by my parish priest, Father Eddie Clare, one or more parishioners, Campaign volunteer James Walker and Becky, another walker, who will be coming to the end of her own walk for water along the full length of the Thames! Continue reading


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South East Asia: Please support our appeal

[REUTERS/Muhammad Fitrah/Singgalang, courtesy]Thousands of lives have been devastated by the Indonesian earthquake and the typhoon in the Philippines and wider region. There is a desperate need for food and water – and many require immediate medical attention to survive.

With more extreme weather expected, the need is likely to increase. Every moment counts. Please make a donation today. It can save lives by providing food, water, shelter and medicine.

The DEC (Disasters and Emergencies Committee), of which CAFOD is a member, has launched an appeal.

Donate to the DEC

Or you can give to our own South East Asia Appeal instead.

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October 2 is Harvest Fast Day

Millions of people just like Margaret in Kenya are struggling – spending years working their way out of poverty only to be knocked down again by events beyond their control. The financial crisis is a final nail in the coffin.

We are all feeling the effects of recession. High exchange rates means the financial support we offer is worth around one-third less than last year – it is a challenging time but we will not give up on the world’s poorest when they need us the most.

Please support Harvest Fast Day – and help us continue to reach out to those in desperate need. There are loads of ways you can help:

Donate online

Fundraise for Fast Day
Seven posters to choose from
Powerpoint of the slideshow featuring Margaret from Kenya
Two mass talks (one short, one longer)
Suggested content for parish newsletters
Prayers, homily notes, and a children’s liturgy
Diary organiser to help you prepare

Make Your Money Count
Download games, videos, music, and recipes showcasing the lives of young people in Brazil – all to help you fundraise with young people

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