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Letters from Honduras (23/09/09 night)

Things in Honduras are complicated, tonight the curfew continues until six in the morning tomorrow, the 24th September.

The population are demonstrating throughout the country, especially in the capital, breaking the curfew.

This afternoon there was a demonstration with thousands of people, thank God there were no violent incidents to report.

The UN and the OAS have agreed to appoint a group of foreign ministers to come to Honduras to try to achieve a return to democracy, we hope they will arrive soon.

Businesses opened here today for six hours but it was not enough for the avalanche of people who needed to stock up on food and water. Chaos has taken hold of the people. But the news that the foreign ministers are arriving is filling us with hope that a solution is possible.

Please communicate this to all your friends so that international pressure will enable a return to democracy and stop the bloodshed.

The religious brothers here in Honduras are giving encouragement and hope from Franciscan spirituality.

We have a tense night ahead as the demonstrations continue.

I thank you for your solidarity with these people in this situation. As I said last night people are arriving at hospitals with bullet wounds from weapons being used by police. In some cases they are using real bullets and firing them at civilians.

The area around the Brazilian embassy continues to be militarized and no one is allowed to get close to the building, especially demonstrators in support of President Zelaya.

We will keep you informed.

We pray that our holy mother intercedes for us and that men of good will find a path of dialogue to solve this situation which is leading Honduras into even deeper poverty.

Peace and Goodwill.

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Letters from Honduras (23/09/09)

Thanks for your solidarity. I am working in Honduras in the department of Olancho, where Manuel Zelaya is from. You can imagine how militarised it is everywhere here.

There is a feeling of impotence before this situation, which will influence many things in Latin America and the world.

We need the solidarity of the world… already today Radio Globo is not transmitting on the internet, I don’t know how they are doing it but they have blocked the network and Radio Globo is no longer available… a further violation.

We are out of touch, we don’t know what is really happening, the telephone lines keep going down, mobiles aren’t working, nor the internet, there is a state of siege, repression, the town is about to erupt into chaos.

There is civil disobedience, in spite of the curfews people are going out protesting, but it’s not just a small group, they are housewives, workers, young people, young women,

It’s something we’ve never seen here before, this is causing the sense of anxiety and impotence.

Goodbye for now and thanks again.

Peace and goodwill.

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Letters from Honduras (22/09/09)

I am writing to you from Honduras… the situation is worrying, at the moment there are disturbances throughout the capital, there has been a state of siege since yesterday and it will continue all day tomorrow.

The Brazilian embassy, where President Zelaya is, has been militarised in the surrounding areas and rumours abound that tonight they will enter to take the president. All day the Brazilian embassy has been without water or electricity… tomorrow the UN  security council are meeting about this.

Many have been injured by bullets, and it seems that there have been some deaths… things are difficult, for this reason I ask for your prayers and solidarity in these moments.

I am here at night, worried as we don’t know if things will get worse. The American Embassy has closed. President Zelaya has called for calm…

If you want to receive news from here listen to Radio Globo on the internet… this is the only radio transmitting from here, even though the radio keeps being cut off and we are transmitting in secret

It is such a dreadful situation.

We ask Our Lord Jesus Christ for wisdom for the rulers at this moment.

Peace and goodwill.

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Congo: Thousands of miners could face poverty

congo-blogInside the headquarters of Caritas Bunia in northern DR Congo, 12 of us sat round an enormous table in the fading light.

Representatives of CAFOD, Caritas, Congolese environmental charity Ocean, local civil society network CdC and academics from South Africa had gathered to discuss the present and future social and environmental impacts of the AngloGold Ashanti (AGA) mine site in the Ituri district.

This site, or “Concession 40” as it is officially called, is the size of Belgium – approximately. And although no one knows just how much gold there is in its earth, it has enough to have attracted 20,000 artisanal (small-scale) miners – as a conservative estimate – and their families to come dig and pan and scrape the gold ore out of the ground.

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Honduras: A country we thought we knew


Hot, dusty, sweaty, smelly Tegucigalpa is a city of 1.8 million. Its name means “hill of silver” in the local indigenous language, and it is indeed extremely hilly – which means many people are in danger from regular landslides.

Some of the hills can move up to one metre a year – for example, we saw a 90-year-old church which was totally taken out when the hillside it was on moved eight metres in the rains last October.

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