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Cutting out petrol for Lent: Father David’s electric car challenge for CAFOD

Father David with a Nissan Leaf

Father David will by driving an electric Nissan Leaf during Lent 2015

Father David Osbourne is the Parish priest of Cranleigh and Bramley. This Lent he’s cutting out petrol and will be donating all of the money saved to the CAFOD Lent Appeal. The help complete his petrol-free Lent challenge, Crawley Nissan have allowed him to borrow a new Nissan Leaf car.

For me, this Lent, ‘Cut it Out!’ means trying to cut out some use of fossil fuels used in motoring and thus call attention to alternative power sources and uses. This may highlight our almost total dependence on fossil fuels which are not only irreplaceable but are contributing to the largest contemporary threat to civilization – global warming.

Find ideas for how you can reduce your carbon footprint this Lent

I have been loaned an electric car by Nissan to experience whether battery powered vehicles are an alternative not only for the “keenies” but a viable alternative for mass transport.

I’m not sure that’s possible either!

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Lent 2015: How to prepare for a disaster

By Nick Harrop, World News Officer

“The wind was circulating fast and glass was flying everywhere,” says Flora Badanoy, 39. “The roof was blown off by the gale. It felt like there was an earthquake. We were terrified. Then the water started coming in, with a strong current. We opened the front door and more water came gushing in. I thought it was the end of our lives.”

The Guiuan peninsula in the Philippines was the very first place to be hit by Typhoon Haiyan, shortly after midnight on 8 November 2013. Winds of up to 170 mph struck the coast and huge waves swept in from the sea, flooding coastal villages like Flora’s.

Palo, Leyte Island, Philippines - devastation after Typhoon Haiyan

Devastation in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan

“We were not expecting it to be a special typhoon,” says Flora. “The local officials told us we had to evacuate, but they didn’t say it would be so powerful. We were not warned that there would be floods. We’d heard there would be a ‘storm surge’, but we didn’t understand what the phrase meant. It wasn’t a phrase we used in our language.”

Help people like Flora whose lives are being affected by storms, droughts and floods.

Flora remembers the roar of the wind – so loud that she couldn’t hear herself shout – and the terror her children felt as water came flooding in under the door. Continue reading

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Doubling our impact this Lent

Double the baking at Lent

Ffion, Mariacristina and Laura are doubling their baking this Lent

Lent is  traditionally a time of giving, praying and fasting, as we seek to transform our lives and the lives of others. Ffion Dean, our Web Editor, has been talking to CAFOD staff about their great ideas to live out our Lenten practice, and make a difference to the world’s poorest people.    

Here at Romero House we’re excited about the fact that donations to CAFOD this Lent are being doubled by the UK government. We want to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity and have been putting our heads together to think of how we can raise as much money as possible between 18 February and 17 May.

Although I won’t be giving something up in the traditional Lent fashion, I’ve decided to double the time and effort I put into CAFOD fundraising through the medium of biscuits and cakes!

I find spending an afternoon baking very relaxing, but I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like. I’m aiming to bake once a week during Lent and to sell to my creations to CAFOD colleagues. It’s going to be a great feeling knowing that every time someone spends £1 on a biscuit, the UK government will be putting another £1 in the fund towards CAFOD’s work to ensure the world’s poorest women, men and children are able to cope with the effects of storms, droughts and floods. Continue reading

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CAFOD staff are cutting it out for Lent 2015

CAFOD staff Lent 2015

Mariacristina with her CAFOD colleagues who are cutting something out or doubling something in their lives this Lent.

Maricristina Lubrano from our digital team tells us about her colleagues who are giving something up for Lent.

It is at times like Lent, when we stop to reflect on a number of things and get closer to God, that we often realise how blessed we are. Right now I feel blessed to be working with a group of committed and passionate people. With only two weeks to go until Ash Wednesday I know lots of people will be trying to decide what to cut out in order to create a change in their own lives or in the wider world.

Take a look at our Cut it Out resources for Lent fundraising

I’ve been talking to my colleagues about their preparations for Lent and have been impressed by how dedicated they are to make a difference to the lives of those who suffer and taking care of the gifts we have been given by God. Many people are focussing on using Lent to help people living in poverty to cope with the destruction that extreme weather and climate change can bring. Lots of people at CAFOD are making Lenten promises, and we all have our own little challenging and exciting cut it out activities to try and reduce our impact on the environment. Continue reading


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Children speak up for CAFOD

By Bernadette Taylor, CAFOD education volunteer.

Bea Taylor_St Marys Swanage_speak upOn 3 April children in Year 5 at St. Mary’s RC Primary School, Swanage, presented speeches about CAFOD to local dignitaries of the town council, local representatives from Fair Trade, and their classmates from school.

The class prepared speeches as part of their ‘Speak up for CAFOD’ project. The topic was about giving a voice to people who are hungry as part of the Lent Dig Deep theme.


Find out how children and young people have been digging deep this Lent to help the world’s poorest people get the food, tools and training they need >>> 

All of the speakers stood with dignity and poise, and presented their work clearly and with diction. Two 9 year olds, Amelia and Ruby, were selected as  having the winning speech. They opened with:

‘Did you know that 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry every evening? Yet in this world we produce enough food for everyone to eat? The way food is produced and shared is not fair.’

They continued to list some of the reasons why people go hungry every day, and described how campaigning with CAFOD and buying Fairtrade makes a real difference.

They closed their very powerful talk by showing how their listeners can help make a difference:

‘You can support CAFOD as part of your community, speak out for others in your school and tell important people about supporting CAFOD. You could do this by fundraising or taking part in Lent Fast Day. Donate the money you save this Lent to CAFOD – change a life!’

We can all Dig Deep this Lent. Please join us today >>>

Swanage Town Mayor, Ally Patrick, presented prizes to the speakers, and said she believed that there were many public speakers of the future here.

Fair Trade coffee, tea and cake were the enjoyed after the event, whilst the children mingled with the guests. The listeners in the audience were so impressed with the speakers that they organised an impromptu collection and donated  £25.

As the CAFOD education volunteer who worked with this class to prepare the project, I can say that we are all so proud of what these children achieved and delivered.

Find out how to run a Speak up for CAFOD event with your pupils >>>

Well done to everyone who took part. We are so proud of you.

Thank you to the class teacher, Mrs. Meteau and Head teacher, Mrs. Lake.

Visit cafod.orguk/uk to organise a CAFOD visitor for your school >>>

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