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Christmas greetings from Abba Solomon

Rhus Beal Lidet or Happy Christmas in Tigrinya!

Christmas in Ethiopia was celebrated on 7 January. Here, Abba Solomon, Sebeya’s Parish Priest, sends us his Christmas message.

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Snippets from Sebeya

Continuing the theme of childhood, in this snippet Abba Solomon and Selamawit share with us the dreams and aspirations they had as children.

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“If I weren’t a priest, I would most probably have been a mechanic. I grew up watching vehicles passing by our village. Now I sometimes see cars broken down, being fixed by mechanics and then they start up again. I always wanted to work on vehicles. I was so curious to know how a car works and runs.”

- Abba Solomon 


“When I was in school, I wanted to be a health professional, so I could care for myself and help other sick people. In my area malaria was a common disease when I was a young girl. I dropped out of school in Grade 7 because I had malaria. I was in bed for two weeks, shivering with a bad fever, headache, loss of appetite and vomiting. After I recovered I didn’t return to school; I married Alem a year later.

- Selamawit

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Young people in Sebeya

Abrehet is 17 years old and lives at home in Sebeya with her mother. Here she tells us what life is like for young people in Sebeya. 



I am in Grade 9 at Sebeya Secondary School, which is an hour’s walk from my house. I like all subjects, but my favourite is Tigrinya (the local language).  I understand it very well because it is my language. My favourite teacher is my ICT teacher.

My best friend is my cousin. Her name is Seniat. I like Seniat because we walk to school, go to market and study together.


I assist my mother with lots of activities. I fetch water, collect firewood, cut crops, water our fruit trees, go to market to sell the fruit, help with household chores, prepare food, clean the house, wash clothes and more! It means I have very little time to do my homework, which has affected my performance at school. But because it is just me and my mother I have to help her out. I fetch the water most of the time because the doctor has advised her not to carry heavy loads. Walking in the scorching sunlight is not easy. I try go early in the morning or late in the afternoon to escape the hot sun.

Future plans

When I grow up, I want to be a business woman. I would like to sell different items to earn money. I think doing business is easy and I am used to it because I sell fruit from our garden after school.

I would like to expand our garden. I would hire more workers on my farm and harvest more fruit. I’d also like to expand my irrigation so that we could produce more and earn more money.

I only have one real wish. My mother brought me and my brothers up on her own after my father died when I was very young. She suffered a lot to bring up her children. My wish is to have a good business of my own so that I can pay back my mother’s commitment to us. I want to see my mother in a nice home and enjoying a good life.

Find out more about CAFOD’s work with children and young people around the world and across England and Wales.

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Snippets from Sebeya

In October’s ‘Snippets from Sebeya’ our narrators will be sharing some of their childhood memories with us. The first comes from Nigisti.

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“The fondest memory from my childhood is when I used to perform traditional dances and songs with friends in the bushes. One of my friends was Abba Solomon’s mother, who I used to dance with. We were the same age and we herded goats together. One song we sang was, ‘ta’temaa baasaktuu daa’deemaa’ in the Saho language, which means ‘My friends, I am happy for you, my friends I love you, my village, you are like honey to me.’”

- Nigisti Hailemariam

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Snippets from Sebeya


The latest snippet from Sebeya comes from Teemt’s husband, Alem. He shares with us some of the challenges he and his family face to earn a living.

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“We work on farmland to enable us to live. We face a lot of challenges to produce and grow food in order to improve our situation. We don’t have enough rain and water to produce and prosper. Sometimes we feel hopeless when challenges take the upper hand. My question for you is how do you prosper and manage the challenges in your life? I would appreciate it if you could share your experiences.”

- Alem Fitwi Gebrekidan

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