Letters from Honduras (25/09/09 night)

Things are still very tense in Honduras.

Today’s demonstration was violently repressed in the central park, though thanks to God there were no deaths.

President Zelaya is still inside the Brazilian embassy together with more than 100 people.

Radio Globo’s connection to the internet was broken for a few hours, it is thought by the coup regime. This radio station is providing the world with news of what is happening.

You can feel an intense pressure here, the Resistance movement continues every day with marches in the country’s main cities.

People from the interior of the country keep arriving and there are thousands of people in the university.

 Night has come and today the curfew continues in almost all of the country.

 The Diocese of Copan have released a statement strongly condemning the happenings.

 The international community is following these events closely, but things keep getting worse.


Peace and goodwill.

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