Letters from Honduras (27/09/09)

Brothers and sisters, I am writing to you with the latest goings on here in Honduras.

This afternoon the government has decreed the suspension of people’s basic rights. The police can arrest anyone who looks like they might be part of the Resistance movement, they can imprison anyone without further legal measures – these have been suspended.

 All meetings have become prohibited, it depends on the police.

 The police can raid any premises without authorisation from a judge.

This afternoon they expelled from the country the representatives from the Organisation of American States. They were detained upon arrival at the airport, their documents were taken off them and they were driven out of the country.

The government has given 10 days for Brazil to say in which capacity they have Manuel Zelaya in the embassy in Honduras. As of today they have taken away the accreditations of all the embassies in Honduras that the actual government has not recognised, that is most of them. Financing to the embassies has been suppressed.

The Brazilian embassy remains heavily militarised, those inside are not allowed to sleep during the night and they cut off the water and light. In the embassy there are about 150 people.

The situation is getting more complicated as the state of siege is general, mobilisation is determined by each police station, as in any moment they can stop transport and imprison anyone without further inquiry.

As I said earlier, they have suspended the freedom of nationals and foreigners.

Friends, brothers and sisters, solidarity!

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