Indonesia: New business opportunities

Most people lost everything in the tsunami. Sometimes even the land itself was lost to the sea, so many people had to think of new ways of making a living.

We have been working with our partner, YPK, helping people to set up their own businesses.

Through this project villagers received small loans so they could buy tools, equipment or merchandise to set up a little shop, produce handbags and clothes, make chilli sauce or start farming again.

Mursyidah, a-35-year-old mother of three from Suak Pandan village, is one of the women who took out a loan. She told us that after the tsunami, she needed start up capital to set up a business and earn money to provide for her family.

Women like Mursyidah get together in groups set up by YPK to receive loans and support in setting up their own businesses.

“I managed to borrow enough money to be able to set up my dried coconut flesh or “copra” trading business“, she said. “Now I’m selling copra and with the profit I’m able to support my family and also repay the money I borrowed.

I’m hoping the business will grow and that other people will also be able to borrow money from the group.

“It’s really helping people in our village as often people find it difficult to borrow from banks. The group has become like a bank for us”.

“As a member of the group, I learn about how to run a business, how to get a good price at the market and how money lending groups work.

“I have even attended village meetings, something I rarely did in the past as I didn’t feel brave enough, but now I feel a bit braver.

“The efforts in getting this business off the ground have lifted the spirits of me and my family”.

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Please light a candle in remembrance of those who died in the tsunami, and support our vital emergency work

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  1. Interesting writing. I was looking for something on this business related topic. Added to my bookmarks.

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