East Africa: the need for help could not be more urgent

Bishop John Arnold writes:

Over recent days, I have seen for myself some of the remote communities in the drought region struggling to survive, with minimal rains for three years and reserves of food exhausted. Starvation is now taking hold, and the need for help could not be more urgent.

Please donate to our East Africa Crisis appeal>>

Much attention has rightly been focused on the refugee camps where hundreds of thousands are gathered but this drought is affecting 10 million people, so many small and remote communities must also be helped. Charities like CAFOD which work alongside the Catholic Church in the most remote places are stretched to breaking point, and they need urgent support.

That is why I urge everyone to give to CAFOD and to raise the funds which will make the difference between life and death over the coming weeks.

We have many financial commitments and times are not easy for any of us, but what an amazing difference we could make by donating whatever we can – whether it is a day’s pay or the price of meal – to those who have nothing. This would give hope to communities who feel abandoned, and save lives that will otherwise be lost.

Please give all that you can. Make the difference, and be the answer to their prayers.

Our East Africa Crisis appeal>>

Please donate>>

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One response to “East Africa: the need for help could not be more urgent

  1. Charles Dziro

    I really want to help but I do not know how I can do it. Help to help the need please

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