Step into the Gap – preparing for Flame 2!

Leila, Chris and  Mary preparing to speak at Flame 2.
Leila, Chris and Mary preparing to speak at Flame 2.

Lucy, from CAFOD’s Youth Team, explains how Step into the Gap volunteers Mary, Chris and Leila are preparing for speaking on stage to 8000 young Catholics at Flame 2.

We’re so excited here in the youth team – we’ve been planning and preparing for Flame 2 since last September and can’t believe that it’s now less than two weeks away! Flame 2 is a national youth congress on March 7th, where 8,000 young people from England and Wales will gather at the SSE Arena, Wembley, to celebrate their faith. CAFOD is privileged to be a part of it.

Check out the Flame 2 trailer.

Last Friday was an important milestone in our final preparations. We were lucky enough to have three young people from our Step into the Gap programme, Mary, Chris and Leila, who came to the CAFOD London office for the day to rehearse for their time on the Flame Stage

We learnt a bit about the day—Mary felt that, “having time to find out more about Flame 2 and seeing the line-up has definitely got me even more excited for 7th March”.

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We laughed a lot—playing ‘Just a minute’, with no repetition, hesitation or deviation was a challenge when being asked to talk about biscuits! Or chairs! There were no hesitations at all though when sharing about time spent on placements in the UK and with partners overseas, and the inspiration found there.

Chris reflecting on his time in Nicaragua.
Chris reflecting on his time in Nicaragua.

It was a pretty intense day too, as we talked about the theme of CAFOD’s input – how we are called to live out the joy of the Gospel. Chris said, “What stood out to me was how useful the time was in starting to come to terms with the experience I had just had overseas. I was being put into a situation where my stories were being related to real, everyday life. It was moving to relate them to the team and I was moved by the stories the Zimbabwe group were relating to me. It has made me more excited for Flame!”

Leila summed up what everyone felt, saying,

“I found the day extremely useful! I’m really looking forward to getting on stage and inspiring others to make a difference”.

Lucy and Sarah prepare for the Flame lunchtime activity!
Lucy and Sarah from the Youth Team prepare for the Flame 2 lunchtime activity!

A fantastic 45 of our young leaders have volunteered to come along—they’ll be helping with our lunchtime activity. They have lots of suggestions for ways in which young people at Flame can engage with our One Climate, One World campaign.


Inspired to speak up for CAFOD too? Speak at Mass or run an assembly this Lent to encourage other young people to fundraise for CAFOD.

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