Who is your climate hero?

St Roberts bloggers at Othona
St Roberts bloggers at Othona

Some of our young climate bloggers from St Roberts in Newminster have been thinking about people who inspire them, and ask us, ‘Who is your climate hero?’, having read about Martin, Veronica and William in the One Climate One World action guide. This is what they have to say.

“Of the three of these amazing young people, I think that William from Nicaragua should be seen as a climate hero!  He is only 14, yet he is the leader of his environmental group at school and helps to plant trees in the streets and along rivers, and to teach other people in his community to do the same.

“I am the leader of an environment committee at school. We try to get the message out to people to look after the environment because we can’t live or do anything without it, so we have to look after it.”  –  William

William from Nicaragua
William from Nicaragua

Take the advice of this young boy from Nicaragua and spread the word of his story and those of Martin and Veronica in the action guide. If they can save their communities, you can save yours, and help others to do so to. Take the advice of William and Veronica:

“It is very important to work together as a community”  –  Veronica

“Keep campaigning, keep working for the protection of our environment” – William

We’re campaigning – are you?17-June-event-photo_layout-large

Sign up for the Climate Coalition lobby of parliament on 17 June.

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