Our CAFOD young climate bloggers: How to live more sustainably

Our CAFOD young climate bloggers never cease to engage with what is going on in the world around them. This month some

E-squad noticeboard at St James
E-squad noticeboard at St James

of them have been looking at living more sustainably. Two of our blogging groups, from St James’s and St Roberts, have been looking at ways in which they can do this individually, and on a wider level in their school communities.

Kayleigh, from St James, says:

“We at St James are trying to be very environmentally friendly. Before we started blogging, we already had a few things in place. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the installation of a wind turbine and solar panels at the school. We are now re-launching the E-squad to let people know what we have done and can do ourselves. The E-squad’s motto is recycle, reuse, reduce. Here is our notice board that raises awareness and reminds us of the small changes we can all make. Throughout the school, recycling takes place dividing litter into three different categories. If everyone does their bit, then we will can make a difference together.”

Call on David Cameron to act on climate change and sign CAFOD’s climate change petition

St Roberts students on their enrichment visit to Europe
St Roberts students on their enrichment visit to Europe

The St Roberts bloggers also encourage us to think how lifestyle changes, such as turning the heating down, can play a part. They’ve been inspired by a recent trip to the European Parliament, arranging a private meeting with their MEP Jude Kirton-Darling. They said that the trip gave them “an insight into what other countries and the European Union itself is doing to combat climate change, whether it is through emissions cuts or more investment in renewable energy.

“By visiting this wide variety of countries and seeing the heart of the EU itself we have been shown just how much potential there is for the UK to help the fight against climate change and make more contribution into the world itself – whether it is through the environment or through humanitarian aid, both things that CAFOD itself campaigns and raises awareness and support for.”

Not being content with what is happening locally, or even in Europe, our amazing bloggers were excited about the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals at the UN Summit in September. At St James’s, the bloggers hosted a school prayer

Sustainable Development Goal number 13 - climate action!
Sustainable Development Goal number 13 – climate action!

service, praying for Pope Francis as he addressed the United Nations. As Kayleigh wrote: “Pope Francis has a lot to say about the climate and cares about a lot of very important things such as climate change. He is inspiring me to care a lot more about our world too.”

Finlay added: “Many schools across the world will be teaching children about the goals. We will be praying to end poverty, fight injustice and combat climate change. We will hopefully become the generation that changed the world for the better.”

And Leah, from St Erconwalds, encourages us to look at which goal she supports – take a look!

Join Pope Francis’ environment call to action.

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