Volunteers: the heart of CAFOD

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As part of Volunteers’ Week, CAFOD celebrated a special Mass to give thanks for the many people across England and Wales who volunteer.  After the Mass, CAFOD director Chris Bain spoke about the passion volunteers bring to CAFOD:

CAFOD Volunteers and staff pray at Mass during Volunteers' Week.
CAFOD volunteers and staff pray at Mass during Volunteers’ Week.

We were started by women who saw things in the world that needed action, who believed that we as a Catholic community of England Wales—particularly the families of England and Wales—should do something about this, and started the very first Fast Day in 1960.  They were volunteers.  CAFOD was a voluntary organisation at its core right from that point onward.

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We rely even today on thousands of committed volunteers in our parishes, in our schools, and around the world.  All of us who work for CAFOD and are lucky enough to be paid by CAFOD should be serving those volunteers in their work.

CAFOD Director Chris Bain reads during the Mass for Volunteers
CAFOD Director Chris Bain gives a reading during Mass

The volunteer community in CAFOD is amazingly diverse.  They do this because they care, they do this because their faith calls them to serve others.  It is something that will change you because you are doing something you believe in, and you are doing something which will eventually do massive good to people both in your communities but also throughout the world.

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