Speak at Mass this Harvest Fast Day

Lizzie Haydon a volunteer with Catholic charity CAFOD speaks at mass for the Harvest fundraising campaign

I’m Lizzie, I’ve just finished a placement at Just Youth in Salford as part of the Step into the Gap programme. Last Harvest I had a great experience speaking at Mass for Harvest Fast Day – I hope you will do the same this year!

During our training weekend for the Step into the Gap programme, we found out that we would have the chance to speak for CAFOD at Mass at both Harvest and Lent for Fast Day. Back in July this seemed a long time away, but it came around really quickly and before I knew it, it was time to organise our talks.

Preparing to speak at Mass

Although we were a bit nervous it’s actually really easy to prepare for speaking at Mass. The short talk is available on the website, along with lots of other great resources for Harvest. There are even resources specifically for young people planning to speak at Mass. If you’d like to meet up with other volunteers and local CAFOD staff in your area for you can go along to the Harvest briefings which are held in dioceses across England and Wales.

Father David, who we also lived with as part of the community at Just Youth, agreed to let Sophie, a fellow Step into the Gap volunteer, and I take over the homily for the Mass.  We had the chance to speak at Mass on both the Saturday evening and Sunday morning, which meant we were able to connect with the whole parish.

The big day arrives!

Our experience of speaking at Mass was great – on both Saturday evening and Sunday morning, everyone was really engaged with what we were talking about and even gave us a round of applause once we had finished.

Catholic charity CAFOD's harvest fundraising campaing focuses on El Salvador
Your support this fast day is making a difference to farmers like Edelmira

The parish held a second collection for CAFOD, where the fast day envelopes were collected along with any donations people felt called to give after listening to us. It was a real privilege to be able to tell parishioners about the amazing work they support and how they could play a part in it.

Making a difference by speaking at Mass

The whole parish gave us really lovely feedback on both speaking during Mass and the amazing work CAFOD does. Speaking at Mass makes a real difference – if there’s anyone who is thinking of trying it for the first time I would definitely encourage you to give it a try!

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