Gospel reflection: Created from love and for love

A 12-year-old girl holds her baby sister in Zimbabwe. Their mother, Marian has been supported with vegetable seeds, nutrition and farming training, and fenced off a community vegetable garden to keep it safe from livestock. Marian is now growing a range of nutritious vegetables, nuts and beans for her children

Linda Jones from CAFOD’s Theology team reflects on this Sunday’s gospel (John 6:41-51). She explains how Jesus shows us how to live a life of love.

Based on the gospel for Sunday 12 August – John 6:41-51

“I am the bread of life.”

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Jesus explains here what he means when he says that he is the bread of life. His explanation follows the miracle of the loaves, when thousands were fed.

Jesus recognises the crowd’s need, and finds a way to provide for them. But he also asks them to reflect on how they can be sustained by something longer lasting than a meal.

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Jesus tells us that we need to be nourished by being drawn into loving relationship with God the Father. We were created by God from love and for love, so we are called into loving relationships – with God, and with each other as neighbours.

Jesus shows us what it means to live a life of love. By sharing our bread with people who are hungry, we take one step along the path of love to which we are called.

Give today to help those who are hungry

“Most families I met were surviving on just one meal a day,” says Bernard who works with CAFOD in DR Congo. He goes on, “I met Kavuro, a single mother of 4 children, who had fled her area because a militia group had killed local people. She is living with a host family from her church, but they are also very poor.”


Loving God, may we be inspired to take steps towards a more just and peaceful world, by sharing what we have with each other. Lead us to build loving and compassionate relationships with our global neighbours, wherever and whoever they may be. Amen.


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