CAFOD in the UK

We work with the Catholic community to raise both funds and awareness of global poverty and injustice through parishes, schools, networks and individual donations.

Working in partnership with thousands of volunteers and supporters, our network of offices across all dioceses in England and Wales coordinates our work at a local level.

These offices can provide you with lots of information on supporting CAFOD in your area and ways to get involved.

These offices have their own blogs – listed below:

CAFOD Arundel & Brighton
CAFOD Birmingham
CAFOD Brentwood
CAFOD Clifton
CAFOD East Anglia
CAFOD Hallam
CAFOD Hexham & Newcastle
CAFOD Lancaster
CAFOD Liverpool
CAFOD Middlesbrough
CAFOD Northampton
CAFOD North Wales

CAFOD Nottingham
CAFOD Plymouth
CAFOD Portsmouth
CAFOD Salford
CAFOD Shrewsbury

CAFOD South Wales
CAFOD Southwark
CAFOD Westminster

10 responses to “CAFOD in the UK

  1. we very glad constructively cafod give us many give contribution in the field of education. thank many to Pauline

  2. Martin Kirkham

    It’s unfortunate that Mr Christopher Bain’s name has been mentioned in relation to the parliamentary expenses scandal. As a regular contributor to Cafod, I would hope that Mr Bain will make a statement about his apparent(indirect) involvement?

    It also emerges that Cafod receives public funding. Could we be told whether the Government attaches any conditions to this funding, please?

    Many thanks.

    Martin Kirkham

  3. Em Lewis

    Are there any specific projects that CAFOD have done in England??

    Many Thanks

    • Dear Em,

      Take you for your enquiry about CAFOD work in the UK.

      The three key focuses of CAFOD work in the UK are fundraising, campaigning and education.

      CAFOD works with the Catholic community in England & Wales to raise both funds and awareness of global poverty and injustice through parishes, schools, and networks. Our network of offices co-ordinates this at a local level, working with thousands of volunteers and supporters whose support is vital to the impact and success of our work

      CAFOD’s key focuses of work in the UK:

      Raising funds
      Fundraising benefits CAFOD long-term development projects and programmes across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Our supporters and volunteers raise funds through Fast Days at Lent and Harvest, an Advent appeal and through long-term fundraising schemes such as Focus Africa . Money is also raised through legacies, emergency appeal donations and grants from the UK government and other bodies such as the European Union.

      CAFOD campaigns for action and justice on vital issues such as climate change and the extraction of natural resources such as gold and nickel. We constantly keep up our pressure on the key decision makers by lobbying and campaigning at important occasions like the UN negotiations that will take place this December in Copenhagen. Thousands of people across the UK campaign with us to challenge the structures and policies that keep people poor. They do this by writing to MPs and government ministers, attending peaceful protests, lobbying governments and relevant international bodies such as the European Union, and making others in their communities aware of injustices that must be challenged if we are to ever overcome poverty.

      We provide resources and support to hundreds of schools and youth groups, helping them raise funds and awareness of development issues. Linking with the national curriculum, our work provides insight and ideas for action on a wide range of issues which help young people develop a sense of responsibility and global citizenship. We also work with diocesan networks and religious congregations, helping to reflect on global justice issues in the light of Catholic social teaching and gospel values

      We hope that this information addresses your question fully. For further information and to find out how you can get involved in CAFOD work you can visit our website:

      With thanks and best wishes,

      Katy Harris
      Assistant Campaigner

  4. excellent post, you must got another subscriber 😉

  5. Suputra

    Dear Sirs , Madams,

    Do this caford organization has a representative in Indonesia under Suputra’s Name.
    As a matter a fact my name is suputra and I was push to paid lots of money until today as they were promise me to drop the fund sum USD 600.000,- But until now I didn’t get any cents or dollar to me. Please kindly assist and explain .
    This the letter from them
    Head office in South London.
    CAFOD, Romero Close, Stockwell Road,
    London SW9 9TY United Kingdom.

    Attention, Mr Suputra,
    I have told you all the truth and I hope yopu have to put it in practice and send the balance fees of £3350 to get the Insurance and also enable Mr Bain to indorce the fund transfer at the bank before travells out on Friday.

    God knows that I have told you all the true arrangements now and you do not need to fall out now and God will bless you as you coperate with this arrangements.

    Mr Nicholas Warren
    Cafod,Trustee and
    Legal Dept

    • We’re so sorry you’ve had this experience – unfortunately this is not a letter from CAFOD – it is a spam mail which has been sent using our emails. Please ignore the correspondence, as it has not come from CAFOD.

      Many thanks.

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  7. Francis

    May I know whether CAFOD can support a hostle block for teachers in Northern Ghana where the teacher stay 10 miles away and struggle to school each day to the village?

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