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East Timor: A true economy of solidarity

Blog-KSI-CDC-exchange-1“Our chips are the best in town and that’s a fact” is how Natercia Matos da Costa Lemos introduced her kripik (chips) group to the 30 budding entrepreneurs who came to visit her thriving home industry.

The entrepreneurs came from far and wide, and were a motley crew of food processors (jams, tomato sauce, banana chips), coffee and rice co-operatives, fish rearing groups and even blacksmiths.

Arriving from the districts of Baucau, Ermera and Manufahi, the gang visited Natercia’s little chip factory as part of a marketing workshop to improve their own business skills.

The aim was to help each group understand better how to move their product successfully down the chain from producer to consumer, and to identify where problems might occur.

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