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Climate change: Making markets greener

This month has played host to both National Ethical Investment Week and Social Enterprise Day. Together with Fairtrade Fortnight, these are nationwide efforts to get us using our roles and power as economic actors to make changes to how markets work, to make them fairer, greener and serve broader social objectives.

CAFOD knows that this kind of action can work. In 2008, over 600 CAFOD supporters, together wielding £54 million worth of investment, contacted their pension funds as part of our Unearth Justice campaign to ask them to push the mining companies in which they invest to adopt and observe social and environmental standards.

CAFOD is a founding member of the Fairtrade Foundation. Consumers spent an estimated £1.58 billion on Fairtrade certified products in 2007. Fairtrade now accounts for over 20 per cent of market share in certain products in some countries.

The financial and economic crises have put thinking about how markets work and to what purpose at the top of the political agenda. Are the politicians listening? Continue reading

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G20: Poor countries must get a seat at the table

Gordon Brown at G20, London 2009Despite some initial excitement prompted by Gordon Brown’s support of an international tax on banks, last weekend’s G20 finance ministers’ meeting was not a big event for political decision-making, especially for poor countries who weren’t even invited to attend.

The G20 has been welcomed in some quarters as a more inclusive grouping than the G8 club that did not include any developing or emerging economies.

But the G20 does not include any of the poorest countries, even though it makes decisions that directly affect them. Under these circumstances, can the G20 be good news for the poorest countries?

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