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Letters from Honduras (27/09/09)

Brothers and sisters, I am writing to you with the latest goings on here in Honduras.

This afternoon the government has decreed the suspension of people’s basic rights. The police can arrest anyone who looks like they might be part of the Resistance movement, they can imprison anyone without further legal measures – these have been suspended.

 All meetings have become prohibited, it depends on the police.

 The police can raid any premises without authorisation from a judge.

This afternoon they expelled from the country the representatives from the Organisation of American States. They were detained upon arrival at the airport, their documents were taken off them and they were driven out of the country.

The government has given 10 days for Brazil to say in which capacity they have Manuel Zelaya in the embassy in Honduras. As of today they have taken away the accreditations of all the embassies in Honduras that the actual government has not recognised, that is most of them. Financing to the embassies has been suppressed.

The Brazilian embassy remains heavily militarised, those inside are not allowed to sleep during the night and they cut off the water and light. In the embassy there are about 150 people.

The situation is getting more complicated as the state of siege is general, mobilisation is determined by each police station, as in any moment they can stop transport and imprison anyone without further inquiry.

As I said earlier, they have suspended the freedom of nationals and foreigners.

Friends, brothers and sisters, solidarity!

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Letters from Honduras (25/09/09 night)

Things are still very tense in Honduras.

Today’s demonstration was violently repressed in the central park, though thanks to God there were no deaths.

President Zelaya is still inside the Brazilian embassy together with more than 100 people.

Radio Globo’s connection to the internet was broken for a few hours, it is thought by the coup regime. This radio station is providing the world with news of what is happening.

You can feel an intense pressure here, the Resistance movement continues every day with marches in the country’s main cities.

People from the interior of the country keep arriving and there are thousands of people in the university.

 Night has come and today the curfew continues in almost all of the country.

 The Diocese of Copan have released a statement strongly condemning the happenings.

 The international community is following these events closely, but things keep getting worse.


Peace and goodwill.

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Letters from Honduras (25/09/09)

I am very sad to report this morning that news has come out that the police have spread nerve gases in the Brazilian embassy. There is lots of confusion.

The president continues to report possible new attacks with nerve gas but this, as would be expected, has been denied by the police.  

President Zelaya has given a press conference from the embassy confirming this strategy  to force people in the embassy to leave so that he may be captured. 

There are reports of bleeding due to the intoxication. It has been reported in the state media that Zelaya will be moved to a hospital under the care of the Catholic Church. This has not been confirmed.

The situation is becoming more critical. The army has not permitted the Red Cross to enter nor Medicins sans Frontieres.

The demonstrations continue, protests are taking place in the streets, many people around the Brazilian embassy are being affected.

That’s the news from Honduras.

I will write again with news of what is happening.

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Letters from Honduras (23/09/09 night)

Things in Honduras are complicated, tonight the curfew continues until six in the morning tomorrow, the 24th September.

The population are demonstrating throughout the country, especially in the capital, breaking the curfew.

This afternoon there was a demonstration with thousands of people, thank God there were no violent incidents to report.

The UN and the OAS have agreed to appoint a group of foreign ministers to come to Honduras to try to achieve a return to democracy, we hope they will arrive soon.

Businesses opened here today for six hours but it was not enough for the avalanche of people who needed to stock up on food and water. Chaos has taken hold of the people. But the news that the foreign ministers are arriving is filling us with hope that a solution is possible.

Please communicate this to all your friends so that international pressure will enable a return to democracy and stop the bloodshed.

The religious brothers here in Honduras are giving encouragement and hope from Franciscan spirituality.

We have a tense night ahead as the demonstrations continue.

I thank you for your solidarity with these people in this situation. As I said last night people are arriving at hospitals with bullet wounds from weapons being used by police. In some cases they are using real bullets and firing them at civilians.

The area around the Brazilian embassy continues to be militarized and no one is allowed to get close to the building, especially demonstrators in support of President Zelaya.

We will keep you informed.

We pray that our holy mother intercedes for us and that men of good will find a path of dialogue to solve this situation which is leading Honduras into even deeper poverty.

Peace and Goodwill.

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Letters from Honduras (23/09/09)

Thanks for your solidarity. I am working in Honduras in the department of Olancho, where Manuel Zelaya is from. You can imagine how militarised it is everywhere here.

There is a feeling of impotence before this situation, which will influence many things in Latin America and the world.

We need the solidarity of the world… already today Radio Globo is not transmitting on the internet, I don’t know how they are doing it but they have blocked the network and Radio Globo is no longer available… a further violation.

We are out of touch, we don’t know what is really happening, the telephone lines keep going down, mobiles aren’t working, nor the internet, there is a state of siege, repression, the town is about to erupt into chaos.

There is civil disobedience, in spite of the curfews people are going out protesting, but it’s not just a small group, they are housewives, workers, young people, young women,

It’s something we’ve never seen here before, this is causing the sense of anxiety and impotence.

Goodbye for now and thanks again.

Peace and goodwill.

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