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Climate Justice: Copenhagen leaders’ shame is our challenge

Climate justice angelsSitting in our hotel lobby, there’s a sombre atmosphere amongst our fellow campaigners who alternately reach for the large communal pot of steaming coffee in an attempt to keep alert. Most have been up all night, eyes glued to the internet.

The culmination of the UN climate change talks in Copenhagen, and a seminal point in the history of activism on climate change, was too much to resist, even if the proposed accord fell far short of our expectations.

It is hard to believe that scarcely a week has passed since we arrived in Copenhagen on a coach with 30 other CAFOD volunteers and campaigners. It has been something of a rollercoaster, with many high points interspersed with a few low ones.

Getting to know Clare, Paul, Sr Alphonsus and some of the other CAFOD volunteers you’ve heard from over the past week has been inspirational. They’ve carried us CAFOD staff with them in their enthusiasm, their passion, and their unrelenting commitment. They have given hope at times of despair, and support when we needed it most. Continue reading


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Climate Justice: The view from outside

Whilst negotiations stalled within the Bella Centre, most of us in Copenhagen were waiting anxiously on the outside to find out what was happening. As of Tuesday, access to the talks has been severely restricted.

Although all CAFOD staff and volunteers had full accreditation, they implemented an additional tier so that only those with coveted secondary cards could get in, causing massive frustration. And since Heads of State arrived on Wednesday, the numbers allowed access diminish every day.

Not only are people asking why 45,000 were accredited when capacity is limited to 15,000 but there’s also concern about the degree to which civil society is being excluded from these crucial talks. Continue reading


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Climate change: We will not give up

CAFOD’s Katy Harris reports from the Bella Centre in Copenhagen where campaigners are calling for world leaders not to give up on a fair and ambitious climate deal.

Tell us what you think of the deal. Add your comments below.

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Copenhagen: Voice from Bangladesh

CAFOD’s Bangladesh partner Umme Kulsom talks from Copenhagen about her concerns for the future of her country

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Climate Change: Voices from Copenhagen

Looking back over my week in Copenhagen, before I start the long journey back home tomorrow, I’ve been struck by the diversity of people I’ve met and the different stories they’ve had to tell.

This week, Copenhagen has been home to some 50,000 extra people, all committed to impressing upon world leaders the significance of getting a fair, ambitious and binding deal on climate change.

They are all passionate and all verging on the desperate this evening. But they are also still hopeful that time remains for us to make a difference, and all resolute in their determination to carrying on campaigning, no matter how long it takes.

First of all, it was brilliant meeting all the volunteers from the UK last weekend – all 30 of them. Then there was the march last Saturday. I had never been on a big march before and now I’ve been on two huge marches in ten days – first The Wave in London and then The Global Day of Climate Action here in Copenhagen.

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