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Robin Hood Tax: The story so far…

Bill Nighy video launches Robin Hood TaxThe campaign to get a Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions launched just six months ago. But what a six months! Here are some highlights from the diary of a Robin Hood Tax campaigner….

February: starting strong

  • Launch of the campaign to secure a Robin Hood Tax to raise £250 billion a year to support public services, fight poverty, and combat climate change.
  • Bill Nighy and Richard Curtis team up to produce the hit online film, The Banker.
  • Within two weeks, the campaign has the support of 112,000 Facebook fans and 350 economists.
  • Big names to pledge their support include the Archbishop of Canterbury and economist Jeffrey Sachs.
  • Twitter arrows fired at MPs prompt 65 of them to attend a special parliamentary briefing at Westminster. Continue reading


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Climate: Where will the money come from?

Arriving in Manila is quite an experience. Despite the mild improvements in British weather over the past few days, nothing quite prepared me for the intense heat of this huge and sprawling city.

Manila is a mish-mash of Asian, Mediterranean and American culture – gaudy Catholic statuary and paraphernalia are round every corner, as are the copious shopping malls dotted about the city.

But alas, no time for sight-seeing: it’s straight to work. I’m here to participate in a multi-stakeholder dialogue on climate funding. Continue reading

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Climate Justice: The view from outside

Whilst negotiations stalled within the Bella Centre, most of us in Copenhagen were waiting anxiously on the outside to find out what was happening. As of Tuesday, access to the talks has been severely restricted.

Although all CAFOD staff and volunteers had full accreditation, they implemented an additional tier so that only those with coveted secondary cards could get in, causing massive frustration. And since Heads of State arrived on Wednesday, the numbers allowed access diminish every day.

Not only are people asking why 45,000 were accredited when capacity is limited to 15,000 but there’s also concern about the degree to which civil society is being excluded from these crucial talks. Continue reading


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Climate change: A race against time

Campaigners march for climate justice in Copenhagen

Campaigners march for climate justice in Copenhagen

Here in Copenhagen the talks are all on process; not because countries are being overly bureaucratic, but in the absence of any substance, the Kyoto Protocol and the process it lays out is the best scenario for developing countries moving forward.

What’s needed for progress are some firm proposals on emission reductions and long-term finance from developed countries.

The EU is widely seen as the group which could provide some momentum as the bridge between the USA and the G77 + China.

Movement could be created by a unilateral move to a 30 per cent emission reduction by 2020. Gordon Brown has already expressed his support publically for this and has been working hard since his arrival in Copenhagen to make headway. Continue reading

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Climate change: Copenhagen will shape our future

Wave campaignersOn Saturday the world’s media turned its spotlight on The Wave march through the streets of London.

More than 50,000 people from every walk of life came together to put pressure on Gordon Brown ahead of the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen.

And what a day it was: CAFOD supporters from all over the country were visible at each step of the march, with our placards turning up in almost every photograph in the national media; and our spokespeople – from policy staff to Bangladeshi and Bolivian partners, to local campaigners – being interviewed for regional, UK and international news bulletins and papers. It was incredible. Just incredible. Continue reading

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