Me, My Socks & I

Alice Stride PictureAlice works in CAFOD’s PR team. Can you tell me about the socks you put on this morning? The colour, the pattern, where you bought them from, when they came into your life and wound up in your sock drawer? No, me neither. Socks do not feature highly in my ‘Things That I Think About A Lot’ list. That’s mostly food, and whether or not I’ll get a seat on the tube. But, this Fairtrade Fortnight, that’s changed. Now, I am thinking about what’s on my feet A LOT. “Why?” I hear you cry, “Do socks make cups of tea now? Are they able to tell the time? Why do you suddenly care about socks so much???”

The answer is this – until the 8th of March, the last day of Fairtrade Fortnight, SockShop is donating 20% of all of its online sales to CAFOD – a super generous doubling of its normal 10% donation!  All you have to do is enter the code ‘CAFOD’ at the checkout when paying (the same goes for the rest of the year for us to get the usual 10% donation). What could be simpler? You can help developing communities across the world AND get yourself some awesome socks at the SAME TIME. Find out more about Fairtrade Fortnight So, if you’re inspired to treat your feet, why not consider buying CAFOD’s special Fairtrade-cotton socks? They were designed by 11 year-old Elliot Heald, the winner of our 2014 nationwide ‘Find Your Fair Trade Feet’ competition. Fruity, colourful and fun, they’re the kind of socks that you shall remember putting on in the morning.

Treat your feet to CAFOD’s brilliant Fairtrade-cotton socks  The fact that they’re made out of Fairtrade-cotton is important. It means that the farmer who produced that cotton to make my socks got a fair deal. That’s what fairtrade is all about; it’s ensuring that the developing world isn’t exploited for the stuff that we take for granted. You expect a fair salary for what you do – why shouldn’t anyone else?

As we move through Lent, it’s important to reflect on the injustices in our world. Buying Fairtrade products – tea, coffee, chocolate, bananas, socks – means that you can stand up to injustice as you do your shopping. It really is that simple. So, next time you need a caffeine fix, make sure you drink Fairtrade coffee.

Pop over to SockShop’s website, get yourself some brilliant socks or tights or whatever catches your eye – and make sure enter the code ‘CAFOD’ at the checkout. The 20% donation we get from SockShop during Fairtrade Fortnight really does help us continue our work with developing communities. The small things can make the biggest difference to the world – small things like socks. I’ll be sure to take more notice of my socks after Fairtrade Fortnight, and I hope you do too.

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