What’s going vegan got to do with climate change?

Alicia is a CAFOD Climate Champion. She is participating in Veganuary to explore how she can reduce the impact of her food consumption on the planet.

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The climate crisis: a reality affecting everyday lives

Libby is a Campaigns Officer at CAFOD. In 2019 she journeyed to the South Pacific to hear how Indigenous people are feeling the worst effects of the climate crisis – despite contributing so little to it.

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Get 2020 off to a green start

Christmas Day is behind us and 2020 is arriving at last. As the New Year approaches and we look ahead to COP26 in Glasgow – the UN’s climate summit for world leaders – it’s a crucial year in the fight for our world and its poorest communities.

Grace Cowley, CAFOD’s Community Fundraising Manager, explains how you can start the year with people and planet in mind.

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What home means to me at Christmas

As we journey towards Christmas, and prepare throughout this season of Advent, we often think about being at home with loved ones. This makes us remember those families who are forced from their homes with nowhere to stay. Moire Harrisson, CAFOD’s Advent Coordinator, talks about the focus of this year’s Advent Appeal.

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Access to justice for Bangladeshi migrant workers

A new report produced with funding from CAFOD puts forward recommendations on how to make migration safer for Bangladeshi migrant workers. Chloe Sideserf, our regional support officer for Asia, heard the story of one woman who went overseas to seek employment.

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Immaculate Conception: Mary, Mother of the Poor

For the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Linda Jones from our Theology team reflects on the different qualities of Our Lady, and how she can inspire us to have the strength and courage to act.

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World Gifts: give the gift of love

As we get swept up in all the manic preparations this festive season, it is important to remember the true meaning of Advent and Christmas. Sinead Callaghan, Young Leadership Coordinator at CAFOD, believes it is an opportunity to spread love and give to those in need. Continue reading “World Gifts: give the gift of love”

Cross-continental learning on the value of volunteers

Local community volunteers play a vital role reaching out to those in need, playing a constructive role in their communities. Janet Crossly, from the Humanitarian Development team tells us about the passion of these volunteers for helping others in their communities.

When Cyclone Idai swept across southern Africa in March this year, it left a trail of destruction in its wake. Armed conflict in north-eastern Nigeria has caused thousands of families to flee their homes. And the Ebola crisis in West Africa devastated communities affected by the disease. What do these three very different emergencies, have in common?

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