Why should elections matter for Catholics?

With a UK general election due to take place in 2024, politicians are looking for our votes – and will be listening to what voters want.

As Catholics, we have a responsibility to make sure political parties commit to tackle the injustices that affect our global family and to care for our common home.

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What is leadership?

Marchers holding a wide banner and carrying flags
Israeli Arab and Jewish workers march together on Women’s International Day. Their banner says “Women demand fair employment and social justice”.

Neil Thorns is our Director of Advocacy, Communications and Education at CAFOD. He shares some reflections and thoughts on the role we can play in the challenging, uncertain times.

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From campaigning to prayer: Six ways to show solidarity

It’s only thanks to your generous donations that we can reach out to people with the love and care they need. But there are other ways you can work alongside communities around the world! In this blog we share six alternative ways to give that can make a real difference.

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Learning from Mother Teresa’s wisdom

Transforming our food system so that it benefits all of us might sound like a colossal challenge. You may well ask whether it is even achievable! But through digging in to Mother Teresa’s wisdom, we can help find the answers.

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Why am I fighting to fix the broken food system? In my native Argentina, the human cost has been too high

CAFOD has launched a campaign to fix the global food system. CAFOD’s campaign manager Andrea Speranza, who grew up during Argentina’s soya boom, explains how her experiences have motivated her to take part.

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Grow local, think global

St Patrick’s Church, Wapping

A church in east London is home to a kitchen garden that has raised thousands of pounds for CAFOD. Parishioner Lance Lawlor Smith writes about how this garden has made him feel connected to the people across the world.

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How you can call for action on the climate crisis at COP27

Leaders must stop kicking the can down the road and take the action we need to tackle the climate crisis

It only feels a short while since the COP26 climate talks ended, but the next conference – COP27 – is about to kick off in Egypt.

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Parishes step up to Fix the Food System

A group posing with the 7 stations literature
A group in Enfield taking the 7 stations on a lovely evening walk.

We are, as St John Paul II said, suffering a ‘paradox of abundance;’ we need 3.7 billion tonnes a year to feed everyone, and we produce more than 4 billion. Yet every day, one in ten, or 800 million people, go hungry. This summer, CAFOD has been asking Catholics to come together and look at the fundamental issues afflicting our food system.

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Two CAFOD campaigners meet their MPs in Parliament

Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu speaking to MPs
The event was a chance for CAFOD supporters to meet their MPs and to celebrate working with others for an end to injustice and a fairer world.

Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu, 26, from Bradford, and Dominic Smith, 20, from East Sussex, had the chance to talk to their MPs face-to-face in the seat of UK democracy, the Houses of Parliament, about why they volunteer with CAFOD.

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