How you can call for action on the climate crisis at COP27

Leaders must stop kicking the can down the road and take the action we need to tackle the climate crisis

It only feels a short while since the COP26 climate talks ended, but the next conference – COP27 – is about to kick off in Egypt.

Some progress was made when leaders met last year in Glasgow, but far too many decisions were deferred. And in the months since we’ve seen the reality of the climate crisis ever more starkly.

Millions of our sisters and brothers in East Africa are on the brink of starvation as a result of a food crisis made worse by an unprecedented drought. Millions more members of our global family in Pakistan have been left homeless by monumental floods. And millions here in the UK have endured record summer heatwaves, yet face a winter of worry thanks to expensive fossil fuels sending energy bills soaring.

The message is clear: we need leaders to stop kicking the can down the road. We need to stop the COP-out at COP27 . Here are some of the ways you can help to call for leaders in Egypt to deliver the action we need.

Call for the government to push for action at COP27

There’s a risk that with everything else on the government’s agenda, action to tackle the climate crisis is neglected. We can’t afford for that to happen.

The government must act to deliver on its pledges at home and support people hardest hit by the climate crisis overseas – people in countries on the forefront of the emergency who have done least to cause it.

Add your voice to the calls for leaders to deliver at COP27 on 12 November

People around the world will be taking to the streets on Saturday 12 November to demand leaders deliver the action we need.

CAFOD supporters will be marching for climate justice on Saturday 12 November 2022

We’ll be joining them – and we hope you can join too.

Hear from experts at COP27

Experts from CAFOD and our partners will be travelling to Egypt for the climate talks and will be reporting on developments at COP27.

We’ll be hosting webinars on Monday 7 November to outline what needs to happen at COP27, and then on Thursday 23 November to review what was achieved at the COP and what will come next.

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