The Eyes of the world are on us

This year has been challenging for everyone. Again and again we have seen children and young people rise to the challenge. They have continued to look out for our global neighbours by joining our national assemblies, taking part in Walk for Water and writing messages to human rights defenders.

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A year for action and transformation

CAFOD’s Director, Christine Allen, considers how Pope Francis’ latest encyclical Fratelli Tutti can inspire us all to be a force for change this year and help to build a fairer world.

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Volunteering in my gap year is an experience I treasure

Back in January 2020, Rebecca Maxwell travelled to Cambodia with the Step into the Gap programme. A year on, she looks back on why volunteering with CAFOD during her gap year was so inspiring.

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Memories are all that remain in Beirut

Everything that Nohad Al-Mir owned – including the house that she was born in – was destroyed in the massive explosions that shook Beirut last August. Six months on, she is slowly trying to piece her life back together.

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2020: A year of challenge and hope

CAFOD’s Director, Christine Allen, looks back on a year that has challenged us all. Thanks to the overwhelming and humbling support shown by the Catholic community, remarkable achievements have been made in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Learning on the job: How toilets transform communities

On World Toilet Day, Ged Naughton remembers his relief to find a pristine toilet provided by CAFOD on a work trip to Liberia – but billions of people around the world still need access to clean, safe sanitation.

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