Schools leading the way on climate campaigning

Over 50 schools have already taken action on the climate crisis as part of CAFOD’s Eyes of the world campaign letting world leaders know that tackling climate change is essential.

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The Eyes of the world are on us

This year has been challenging for everyone. Again and again we have seen children and young people rise to the challenge. They have continued to look out for our global neighbours by joining our national assemblies, taking part in Walk for Water and writing messages to human rights defenders.

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A year for action and transformation

CAFOD’s Director, Christine Allen, considers how Pope Francis’ latest encyclical Fratelli Tutti can inspire us all to be a force for change this year and help to build a fairer world.

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A glimpse of a hopeful future

One thing is for sure: we’ll each remember the spring and summer of 2020. But in a way we could not have imagined, writes CAFOD’s Helen Moseley, it has also given us a glimpse of a more hopeful future.

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Shaping the future of our planet through Laudato Si’

Five years on from its publication – writes CAFOD’s Head of Theology, Linda Jones – Pope Francis’ groundbreaking encyclical still challenges us to think again, to think differently, and to renew our commitment to bring about positive change.

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Why the Earth needs the Amazon

Bishop David Martínez de Aguirre Guinea works in Peru’s Amazon and is one of the two Secretaries attending the Amazon Synod. As the Synod takes place, Bishop David tells us about the importance of bringing the Amazon and its peoples into the heart of the Church. 

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World Day of Migrants and Refugees: Waking up to climate-related disasters

Ahead of World Day of Migrants and Refugees on 29 September, CAFOD volunteer Sarah George writes about communities who have been forced to leave their homes due to climate-related disasters – and how Pope Francis calls us to act.

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