Back to school? Yes please!

Over the years she has worked at CAFOD, Harriet Paterson has written everything from our factsheets to our prayer tweets. Here she gives us a mum’s eye view of lockdown and distance learning with a Year 6 boy.

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CAFOD’s debt campaigning over the years

Maria Elena Arana, CAFOD’s Campaign Outreach Coordinator, tells us how CAFOD’s debt campaigning has transformed over the years and how now, more than ever, we need to speak up once more to cancel all debt.

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Bishop David Oakley’s message of hope

Bishop David Oakley of Northampton Diocese reflects on the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had in the UK and around the world, and how he plans to support CAFOD’s Summer of Hope in a simple but effective way. We can all do something, so why not get involved!

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How one family’s walking challenge helped to spread hope this summer

Many families around the country have been fundraising during the coronavirus pandemic. This amazing family from Scotland joined CAFOD’s Summer of Hope, and each walked 26,000 steps in a day to raise funds for those less fortunate than themselves.

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Fundraising during lockdown: challenges and signs of hope

Our Fundraising Events Executive, Neil Roper, joined us shortly before lockdown began in the UK. He explains what inspired him to get into fundraising, the challenges he’s faced while many events have been unable to go ahead, and how CAFOD’s Summer of Hope is helping our supporters recreate the things we’ve been missing out on.

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Could you hold your own Summer of Hope garden party?

After parish events were cancelled due to lockdown, CAFOD volunteer Ann Smith from Milton Keynes decided to hold her own socially-distanced garden party. She shares her inspiration and explains why she’s urging others to recreate summer events in aid of CAFOD’s Coronavirus Appeal.

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