Join us for the Big Lent Walk to Easter

The 40 days of Lent are drawing to a close, and next week is Holy Week. Whether you have been part of the Big Lent Walk or not, there is still time for you to join in the Walk to Easter!

The Walk to Easter involves using the last days of Lent to walk 40km in 8 days, starting on Palm Sunday and culminating on Easter Sunday!

If you’re already taking part in the Big Lent Walk, the Walk to Easter can be an excellent way to end your challenge. Otherwise, it is a brilliant way to prepare for the resurrection of Christ as a standalone Lenten offering, simultaneously helping those most in need!

There are many ways you can approach your challenge. You can walk alone, with your family, your parish or your colleagues.

As a bit of inspiration I’d like to share some of what they’ve been getting up to in Reading:

Catholic Parishes of Reading organised a large group walk from Caversham to Sonning along the path of the river Thames. The group consisted of people of all ages, and was enjoyed by all.

Damian Porter, one of the organisers said, “[It was] One of my proudest moments as part of our amazing Catholic community.

A choir from one of the churches composed an anthem for the walk!

Sing Aloud!
CAFOD walk, in Reading,
Near 6 miles, so we sing;
Lenten steps, on our way,
Walking on together, music for the journey.
Sing aloud, loud, loud! Sing aloud, loud, loud!
CAFOD walk, during Lent; Praise the Lord together!
First Saint Anne’s, Caversham;
there we start then cross the Thames.
Saint James next, welcomes us,
Pilgrims on a journey, walking on together.
Up the hill, William of York,
Think of Jesus with His cross.
On we go, Our Lady of Peace,
Walking on together, music for the journey.
End in sight, Christ the King,
Here we are, very tired.
Cup of tea, slice of cake,
A sacramental journey, all in aid of CAFOD.

David, one of the walkers partly quoting a Catholic Manual said:

“For love is not love if it is not shared” epitomises the Reading Parishes CAFOD Big Lent Walk.  The initiative brought the faithful of Reading together in cheer, giving and faith to help our overseas brothers and sisters.  May God’s Kingdom come.

Ana continues, “A good opportunity to meet fellow Catholics in the area, have a family day out “with a purpose”, make CAFOD’s work and mission more visible to the public and raise money for CAFOD!

Thank you to the Reading Parishes!

We have prepared many resources that can enhance the spiritual experience of your walk. You can use our Stations of the Cross reflections to meditate on Christ’s journey to the cross while walking in solidarity with people experiencing poverty around the world. 

The Lent Calendar can also help to reflect as we prepare for Easter. 

Please do join our walkers in the ‘Walk to Easter! The default goal for participants on our Big Lent Walk sign up page is £200, but you can make your own goal too. You can use our World Gifts catalogue and set a target to support a cause closest to your heart!

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