The Amazon Synod: God who speaks

Francis Stewart from our Theology team reflects on the Amazon Synod in the light of the Year of the Word now being celebrated in England and Wales until December 2020.

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Celebrating 25 years of the Fairtrade mark

Daniel Hale, CAFOD’s Head of Campaigns, looks back on some of the Fairtrade Foundation’s successes – from when the organisation was established in the early 1990s, to the 25th anniversary of the Fairtrade mark this year.

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Building a common home in the Brazilian Amazon

Kezia Lavan from CAFOD’s Brazil team tells us about her latest trip to the Brazilian Amazon where she met with local communities who are learning to farm sustainably, preserve the forest and stand up for their rights.

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God of our longing: Reflections on loss

As we approach November, the month of remembrance, Kathleen O’Brien from our Theology team explains how the prayer “God of our longing” speaks to those who have lost somebody they love.

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Why the Earth needs the Amazon

Bishop David Martínez de Aguirre Guinea works in Peru’s Amazon and is one of the two Secretaries attending the Amazon Synod. As the Synod takes place, Bishop David tells us about the importance of bringing the Amazon and its peoples into the heart of the Church. 

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Standing alongside indigenous communities

Mauricio López is the Executive Secretary of REPAM – a Catholic Church network CAFOD supports that promotes the rights and dignity of the people in the Amazon. As the Amazon Synod takes place, Mauricio tells us about the threats indigenous communities in the Amazon face and the important role they play in protecting our planet.

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Saints Peter and Paul: For a Church walking together

Francis from our Theology team reflects on Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s lessons for us during the current Synod on Amazonia.

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