Hands On Kitui: Into the final weeks

As we enter the last few weeks of our project, everywhere we look we are greeted by signs of transformation. Our dam and wells are filling, people’s gardens and our community farm are starting to produce harvests, and the landscape is so much greener than just two years ago.

Perhaps the most pleasing transformation is that, by seeing what they have been able to accomplish, the people of Kitui feel ready for anything!

Please keep Kitui in your thoughts and prayers in these next few weeks. In April we will be in touch with our final update from Kitui, and exciting news about the next steps.

Thanks to you, the people of Kitui have transformed their lives and won’t have to walk long distances to collect unsafe water. Inspired by his Lent challenge, CAFOD’s Damian Conlin has been reflecting on the lives of young girls who have to collect water. Read his blog to find out more

Progress and project highlights this month 

Did you know?

Thanks to the project, families in Kitui have seen their crop yields increase three-fold.

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