Getting Hands On in Kitui: the importance of trees

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to do more DIY? The people of Kitui do! Their project is about so much more than sprucing up their home – it will make a huge difference to their lives. And it’s possible because of you, and the 1,500 other people who have been getting hands on. Thank you.

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Please keep Kitui in your prayers as the hard work continues.

Progress and project highlights this month

Nicholas Oloo, CAFOD’s Programme Officer in Kenya is here to show us how the CAFOD Hands On project in Kitui will revitalise the landscape, and why trees are a crucial part of fixing the water supply.



Did you know?

Once the sand dams are built, they will last for 50 years without any maintenance needed.

About Hands On: Through our exciting project, the local community in Kitui are coming together to transform their environment and landscape so that it provides a sustainable supply of water.

This is an ambitious project, but thanks to you we expect great results in Kitui.


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