Hands On: A big thank you from Philip

2015 is in full swing and so are the people of Kitui.

Everyone is hard at work on all aspects of the project – terracing, tree-planting, sand dams, check dams and preparing for work on the main Musosya dam.

Philip, the project coordinator for Hands On Kitui is pleased to say he’s back at work after a bad car accident. He’s sent a video to say thank you to everyone who sent cards and well wishes. If you want to send Philip a message, just let us know in the comments below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP8GNCkat2o&w=640&h=360]

Progress and project highlights this month

Did you know?
Trees have to be planted around all the dams to protect the water from being evaporated by the hot sun.

About Hands On: Through our exciting project, the local community in Kitui are coming together to transform their environment and landscape so that it provides a sustainable supply of water. 

3 thoughts on “Hands On: A big thank you from Philip”

  1. You are an inspiration and a credit to yourself. Take care for the future nice to see you back feeling better.

    1. Hi Phillip
      I am glad you are back and looking strong. I wish you and the village well and hope 2015 goes smoothly for you. Stay well and drive carefully!
      Best wishes
      Ian Hunter

  2. Dear Philip,
    So glad that you’ve recovered from your accident. May God bless you and the community of Kitui, and all your endeavours.

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