Lent reflection: The good news cannot be kept to itself

A group of CAFOD volunteers, including a priest, waaring tshirts and holding signs which support CAFOD's Power to be campaign

In this Palm Sunday reflection taken from our Lent calendar, Catherine from our Theology team considers the call in the first gospel reading we hear to speak out and make our voices heard.  

Based on the gospel for Sunday 14 April – Luke 19:28-40 

“I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”  

Today on Palm Sunday we see Jesus enter Jerusalem in triumph. Seated on a colt, welcomed by the shouts of joy and praise of his disciples.   

For daily reflections throughout Holy Week see our Lent calendar. 

Displeased, the Pharisees try to silence the disciples. But Jesus says that even if the people were quiet, the stones would cry out his praise instead.   

The good news cannot be kept to itself. The people will not be silenced. They know Jesus is the Messiah, and they want to share this with everyone. This contrasts with Peter in the Passion story. He loses faith and denies Jesus three times.  

Time to speak out

Think of a time when you were brimming with confidence and joy and wanted the whole world to know why. Could you have kept quiet?  

Now think of a time when you should have spoken out. When you should have admitted your guilt, or your faith. A time when you should have stood up for what was right, but you just weren’t able to do it.   

How did you feel?   

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We are in good company. Even Peter got things wrong. He wasn’t brave enough to admit to his friendship with Jesus. Yet he became the rock on which Christ built his Church.   

None of us is perfect, but this Holy Week let us be brave and speak out. Let us lift our voices and refuse to be quieted.  

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Lent prayer

Christ Jesus, forgive me for the times I have lost courage and been unable to speak up for what I know is right. Strengthen our voices to speak from our hearts and to ensure that all people can make themselves heard. Amen.

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