Big Lent Walk 2024: Meet our wonderful walkers

The Big Lent Walk is in full swing, and we’re past the halfway mark now! Thousands of walkers across England, Wales and Scotland are all walking an incredible 200km this Lent to fight global poverty. Hear from some of our wonderful walkers about how they’re making great strides in this year’s challenge.

We’re now four weeks into the Big Lent Walk, and the enthusiasm and dedication of our supporters have been nothing short of fantastic!

From people walking on their own, with friends, with their parish or their school, it’s been great to see so many people putting their best foot forward to walk in solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world. 

Allow us to introduce you to some of our remarkable walkers: Clare, Sam, and Yve! Each of them brings a unique perspective and motivation to their Big Lent Walk.

Clare and her daughter walking together this Lent

Clare’s extra special Lent challenge

Clare says she is “going BIG for Lent this year!” by having fun, making a difference and walking with her daughter. She continues, “Many of you know that I haven’t done any exercise for the last 5 months due to health and personal reasons. So, this really will be a challenge, but what an amazing one! Made even more special because my daughter will be doing it alongside me. We appreciate all your support, so please sponsor us and share!”

You can show Clare your support by visiting her page

Sam is making his Big Lent Walk extra special by walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall!

Sam’s walk of self-reflection

It’s been wonderful to see all the different places people are walking this Lent. A special shout out has to go to Sam, who’s walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall!

Sam reflects, “Fearing that our approach to Lent can, at times, become too introspective at the expense of our duties to others, I feel that the Big Lent Walk presents the perfect solution. My plan to walk the Hadrian’s Wall Path will allow for plenty of challenging self-reflection, whilst raising money for those in need at the same time!”

Check out Sam’s page for more updates about his trek along Hadrian’s Wall. 

Yve is taking on her Big Lent Walk in Guernsey

Yve is showcasing spring

Finally, we hear from Yve, who is taking the Big Lent Walk to Guernsey! Yve has been showcasing the beautiful nature and scenery of Guernsey on her Strava page.

She says, “I’m so glad the island has received the appreciation I believe it deserves for its beauty. Over the next 50 days, it is just going to bloom with spring and I’m so excited to show it off. I’m so excited to be a part of this, I love what CAFOD is doing and I love even more that it is rooted from Catholic beginnings.”

Follow Yve’s progress as she discovers more of Guernsey’s natural beauty. 

A beautiful photo captured by Yve on her sunrise walk

Get involved in the Big Lent Walk

Please join us in supporting this year’s walkers with your sponsorship, encouragement and prayers. 

Fancy taking on the Big Lent Walk? It’s not too late! Sign up now and join us for the Walk to Easter. Starting on Palm Sunday, walk 40km throughout Holy Week, and finish on Easter Sunday with your head held high. Remember to share your Walk to Easter using the hashtag #BigLentWalk.

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