Fr Tony and Neil go on a Big Lent Walk

Fr Tony Convery, a retired priest from the Diocese of Westminster, is taking on the Big Lent Walk this year. Neil Roper from CAFOD’s Events Team went to meet him for a walk around Hampstead Heath.

One cold and slightly damp late February afternoon, Fr Tony and Neil went for a Big Lent Walk on Hampstead Heath.

Neil joined Fr Tony at Hampstead underground station before setting off to Hampstead Heath.

Neil says:

“As we walked we chatted about different areas of London that we knew and a celebrity that we recognised but couldn’t place.”

Fr Tony is a long-time supporter of CAFOD and has been involved in previous walking challenges. Towards the end of the walk, Neil asked Fr Tony about his reasons for doing the Big Lent Walk. He says:

“I retired a few years ago and found I had some extra time, so I started doing the Big (Lent) Walk for CAFOD. I’ve always supported CAFOD, and the Big Lent Walk was a great way to continue that.”

“Last year I walked the Thames Path, but this year I’m doing some walks around London parks, inspired by Hunter Davies. Hunter wrote about his experience of different parks, and so I’m going around many of them. At the moment we’re in Hampstead Heath, last week I was at Hyde Park, St James’ and Green Park, and next week I plan to be in Victoria Park.”

“I have a whole plan of other parks to walk around, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s taking me to lots of places that I haven’t been to.”

“One of the worst things in the world is poverty. CAFOD has committed itself to alleviating poverty, and I can support them in that work through my Big Lent Walk.”

At the end of our walk, they shared a hot drink at a local café and went home!

You can share any of your own pictures or walks by getting in touch at or join the Big Lent Walk Facebook Group.

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