Brazil: A successful campaign

Collecting rubbish for recycling

Collecting rubbish for recycling

Everything we do here, every little change we have made comes from unity and spirituality. This helps us a lot in our lives because if you don’t believe in God, nothing happens. It’s like living an empty life.

I really believe things will continue to change for the better. Our work will bear fruit for the future – we will get better living conditions even without action from the government.

We’re campaigning for the river here to be cleaned up. People dump rubbish there and it spreads diseases and blocks the river. It floods every year into people’s houses and carries all their belongings away.

 We’re also encouraging recycling and proper rubbish collection. Some of the mothers who live in a very narrow alleyway have to leave their rubbish at the end of the street to be collected. They recently lobbied the council to pay someone to come with a trolley and collect the rubbish. He was fired and noone was sent to replace him. The women set up a committee and put pressure on the local council and in the end he was given his job back. I was very happy.

You can see a video of us campaigning in Edivaldo’s blog.

Find out more about the Growing towards Peace project.

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