TeamCAFOD at the London Marathon: Joan’s story

The London Marathon returns, and TeamCAFOD is back bigger and better than ever! On Sunday 21 April, 17 incredible runners will be taking to the streets of London to run a staggering 26.2 miles, all raising money to support CAFOD’s work around the world. In this series, hear from some of the team about how they’re gearing up for the big day.

In just four days’ time, TeamCAFOD will set off on their London Marathon adventure. Months of hard work and dedication will all finally pay off on Sunday and, here at CAFOD, we’re so excited to cheer them on! 

For our final story of the series, we hear from Joan, who’s bracing herself to run her first ever marathon this Sunday. 

Tell us about your running journey so far. How’s the training going?

Being my first marathon, it’s been exciting and challenging. I didn’t think I had it in me to run in negative temperatures when it’s snowing and raining. How I did it still amazes me!

I’ve been working with an amazing running coach who has been encouraging me and making sure I have a good training plan.

With the training now done, I really feel like I’ve pushed my limits, but hoping that it’ll pay off on D-Day!

What does running London mean to you?

I feel really privileged to get a place for the London Marathon, courtesy of CAFOD, and to experience the largest annual fundraising event on the planet. The training has pushed my limits. I’ve pushed through barriers I never thought I would and I’m hopeful I’ll push through the 42 km.

Joan after running the Oxford Half Marathon in October 2023.

How’s the fundraising going?

Fundraising has been going great – 63% raised so far! That was another personal challenge for me. I find it so hard to ask people for sponsorship, but I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from my family and friends. They’ve made my fundraising a success! 

What does running for CAFOD mean to you?

Running for CAFOD means I’m not just running for fun or for a challenge but I’m running for good. I’m using what I have to do some good to assist others in disaster or to eradicate poverty – it gives a why to the challenge.

Can you help Joan reach her target? Visit her fundraising page to show her your support.

Good luck to all of TeamCAFOD taking part in the London Marathon this Sunday 21 April! 

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