Letters from Honduras (25/09/09)

I am very sad to report this morning that news has come out that the police have spread nerve gases in the Brazilian embassy. There is lots of confusion.

The president continues to report possible new attacks with nerve gas but this, as would be expected, has been denied by the police.  

President Zelaya has given a press conference from the embassy confirming this strategy  to force people in the embassy to leave so that he may be captured. 

There are reports of bleeding due to the intoxication. It has been reported in the state media that Zelaya will be moved to a hospital under the care of the Catholic Church. This has not been confirmed.

The situation is becoming more critical. The army has not permitted the Red Cross to enter nor Medicins sans Frontieres.

The demonstrations continue, protests are taking place in the streets, many people around the Brazilian embassy are being affected.

That’s the news from Honduras.

I will write again with news of what is happening.

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