Let’s Cut it Out! and double the positive this Lent

Khudayja, CAFOD Young Leader.
Khudayja, CAFOD Young Leader.

Khudayja, A CAFOD Young Leader from Portsmouth Diocese, explains why she is supporting #Muslims4Lent by Cutting it Out with CAFOD and how her Young Leadership group is getting the whole school involved with campaigning and fundraising.

We are a group of Year 12 students studying at sixth form college in Portsmouth Diocese. We believe that we must be the change we wish to see in this world, and this has driven us to become CAFOD Young Leaders. We recognise that the youth of today are the future of tomorrow and therefore it is our duty, as Young Leaders, to make our generation a great one.

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It has been a wonderful experience getting to know other Young Leaders from across the Portsmouth Diocese through our training sessions, ones that have been beneficial in personal development as well as real-life leadership applications.

We stand for global justice

Jose, a group member, emails a local MP.
Jose, a group member, emails a local MP.

We stand for global justice so we have been actively participating in CAFOD’s Climate Change campaign that thousands of people have also been involved in. We used a tutorial period at college to raise awareness about this campaign; in the end, the majority of the Sixth Form had emailed UK party leaders, urging them to tackle climate change.   Why not get the main school involved too? Our Young Leadership group will soon be promoting the campaign with KS3 students, further supporting the trending tag #ForTheLoveOf (which will include paper love-hearts and scissors!).

Download a campaign action guide for ways to get involved.


Lent: reflection, prayer, almsgiving and renewal

John, Collins, Dan and Lauren getting into the spirit!
John, Collins, Dan and Lauren getting into the spirit!

The season of reflection, prayer, almsgiving and renewal is now upon us – Lent gives us all so many opportunities to be active individuals and stand up for what we are passionate about. We take lots of things for granted and often people across the world are not as fortunate as we are.

Giving up what we love is a tough challenge but it is also one way to appreciate our lives. We have embarked on various Lenten Promises to #CutItOut– from giving up chocolate to cutting car rides.   The good news is that up until 17th May 2015, the UK government will match every single pound that’s contributed towards the Lent Appeal up to a value of £5 million; our fundraising Basketball Tournament, hosted for the main school, will definitely be contributing. Let’s grab the opportunity to double the positive!

Download a Lent Cut it Out! guide for more ideas.


Khudayja doubles her optimism this Lent.
Khudayja doubles her optimism this Lent.

But hey – Christians aren’t the only ones joining in this year. Standing up in solidarity, Muslims are also participating. #Muslims4Lent is a positive action I’m getting involved with, so instead of giving up something, I’ll be taking up optimism (something that’ll be very useful in the run up to AS exams!)

Flame 2!

Members of our group attended the Flame 2 youth congress at Wembley Arena, London. We helped with the CAFOD lunchtime activity – it was an amazing day!

Finally, I’d like to say a big thanks to our supervisor, Mr Sumba, and the CAFOD Youth Team for their guidance and support throughout the last few months.

God bless 🙂


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