Hands On Kitui: Happy New Year to all our supporters

Hello and a very happy New Year from everyone in Kitui. The end of our two year project is just a few months away and so we are hard at work ensuring that our project here will be a great success.

Those of you who are sent Side by Side will have received your special DVD – for those of you who are not, Here is this personal message from everyone in Kitui.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7cgErVEeSg?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0&w=560&h=315]

If you’d like to send a message back, please leave one in the comments!

As 2016 gets off to a start, please do keep the people of Kitui in your thoughts and prayers, and thank you so much for your continued support.

About the project: Hands On is CAFOD’s special series of projects that allow individuals to donate to a specific project. Our project in Kitui has been running for over a year and is seeing some great results. Our latest project is in need of donations – find out how you can help the community of Altiplano in Bolivia.

Progress and project highlights this month

Did you know?

There are now 33 people in Kitui alone who are fully trained-up terrace builders! This knowledge will be spread even further and is vital to ensure the success of our project long into the future.

4 thoughts on “Hands On Kitui: Happy New Year to all our supporters”

  1. William, Christine, Mike: many thanks from everyone at CAFOD for your comments. Speaking personally it has been such a privilege to follow this project since it began, and it’s wonderful to see messages like these – your generosity has helped make the project such a success thus far.

  2. Happy New Year to everyone in Kitui! My special thanks to Stella, Benjamin, Tabitha, Sabeth, Martha, Anne, Mike and George for sharing the good news of the progress that is being made in their community. I will show your video clip to my grandsons, especially Martha’s comments on the importance of hygiene because they always argue with me about washing their hands before they eat! I praise the Lord that you also recognise his work in our lives.I will continue to ask for his blessings on you all this yea as I hopeyou do for us.

  3. I am so pleased that you have found this project so helpful and wish you all God’s continued support in the coming years. God bless all the people of Kitui.

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