Visiting out of reach communities in Kenya

CAFOD’s Film & Photography Officer, Thom Flint reflects on the trip to Marsabit County in Kenya. He met some of the most hard-to-reach communities, but saw the potential that our global Church network has to reach out.

The journey

We jump into the back of the Caritas Marsabit 4×4 and hit the road, film equipment safely stored behind us. And under us. And on top of us. We’re in north-east Kenya, and we’re on our way to meet the communities that we’ve been giving food aid to since the drought hit in 2016.

The going is initially easy. A little too easy. We zoom up a very smooth, newly-tarmacked main road with only the occasional camel for company.

But the communities we’re visiting don’t happen to live on a main road.

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Step into the Gap: Reaching rural communities in Uganda

Nicole Gillespie is a CAFOD Step into the Gap volunteer who has recently returned from an overseas visit to Uganda. Here, she reflects on what no one beyond reach means to her.

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