HIV survivor: Catholic centres ‘won’t turn us away’


Great piece from Monsignor Bob Vitillo, HIV Adviser for Caritas Internationalis. Monsignor Vitillo is blogging from the International HIV and AIDS conference in Washington DC. Find out more about the conference from our news item

Originally posted on Caritas Internationalis:

By Monsignor Bob Vitillo

“When I discovered I was HIV-positive, I was shocked and asked, ‘Why has God allowed this virus to maim and kill people? Does He still live in me? How?’”

Spoken by a person living with HIV, these are words that caregivers in Catholic Church-inspired organizations have to face wherever we work. In addition to making sure we’re getting lifesaving medicine to the far corners of the developing world, in addition to making sure people are taking the right doses at the right times, in addition to keeping up with the latest medical advances, we have to think about the whole person— including the spiritual dimension of the disease.

At a centre in Nepal, Catholic sisters care for women and children living with HIV. The centre also helps women earn a living by raising livestock. Photo: Laura Sheahen/Caritas

For the past few days, and for the rest…

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