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Susie is head of the legacies team at CAFOD. Susie reflects on the excitement of Pentecost and how despite the challenges of the last year, found something to celebrate each month.

I created a CAFOD Celebration Fund just over a year ago. Since then I’ve been adding little donations from time to time, counting my blessings and marking the passing of the seasons. 

March: our wedding anniversary … but also Day 1 of the first lockdown 

April: Grannie – age 98 – has mastered Zoom! 

May: the bluebells are stunning 

June: my birthday 

July: a sad time, mourning my mother-in-law  

August: my son has survived the messy business of A level grading 

September: the children are back in school, for a little while anyway 

October: discovering new walks 

November: watching fireworks from my bedroom window 

December: a peaceful Christmas at home 

January: praying for a brighter year ahead 

February and March: walking along the river, giving thanks for the gift of water 

April: the hope and joy of Easter 

Now it’s the season of Pentecost and I’m thinking about how excited those early Christians must have felt when they could speak and hear each other freely; the room buzzing with noisy conversation and friendships.   

By happy coincidence, this Pentecost sees the relaxation of social distancing rules to allow non-household hugging.  

In the coming weeks, I’ll start tentatively ‘reaching out’ to family and friends again and I’ll donate in thanksgiving for conversation, laughter, friendship and the precious gift of touch. 

What are you thankful for?  

Why not create a Celebration Fund to celebrate special occasions and everyday blessings? You can donate on your own or invite others to join in too. Share a little happiness with our global family.  

Let’s give the world something to celebrate! 

Author: CAFOD

CAFOD stands for the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development. We are an international development charity and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. We stand beside people living in poverty – whatever their religion or culture. Through local church partners, we help people directly in their own communities, and campaign for global justice, so that everyone can reach their full potential. How to get involved with CAFOD None of our work is possible without you. Whether you donate, campaign, download prayers or volunteer we are grateful for your support.

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