Sunny days and generous ways: Join CAFOD for a summer of FUNraising!

As summer approaches, and with the promise of warmer weather on the horizon, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside and get together with friends and family. This year, we’re treated to a summer of sport, with the men’s Euros, Wimbledon and the Paris Olympics and Paralympics taking place between June and September. With a particularly sporty summer ahead, why not make the most of this and organise a Summer FUNraiser for CAFOD!

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A sizzling summer recipe for laughter, happiness and hope

Photos by Joe Martin

Nisha started volunteering for CAFOD in her parish two years ago. Despite her busy schedule as a staff nurse, she relishes the chance to put her incredible cooking skills to use for a good cause – read on for a special taste of one of her favourite summer recipes, tuna cutlets, and to hear how it helped bring her parish together after the pandemic.

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Five affordable summer activities

Mariacristina with her husband and son

Mariacristina – CAFOD’s email marketing guru and high-level Neapolitan food Jedi – almost manages to start the book she’s been waiting months to read, but instead shares five brilliant summer activities and some delicious recipes.

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Surviving the summer holidays

Catherine and her children stand in their garden
Catherine, Ben and Pippa enjoying the summer holidays

How can I stop the children from getting bored over the summer on a budget? How do I keep them hopeful even though there is doom and gloom all around? Catherine from our Theology team shares her thoughts on these difficult questions.

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The power of music

Music plays an especially important part in Nirma’s life in Venezuela.

In the midst of an economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela that has seen nearly six million people leave the country since 2015, Nirma has found survival tools in nature, prayer, art and music. She has shared 10 songs that give her hope when it feels like her world is falling apart.

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Could you hold your own Summer of Hope garden party?

After parish events were cancelled due to lockdown, CAFOD volunteer Ann Smith from Milton Keynes decided to hold her own socially-distanced garden party. She shares her inspiration and explains why she’s urging others to recreate summer events in aid of CAFOD’s Coronavirus Appeal.

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Seven fun ways to transform your summer

The best fun is so often the fun you make yourself. Take inspiration from our fun ideas for recreating the events you’ll miss this summer, brought to you by Grace Cowley from our Supporter Fundraising Team.

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