I’m dreaming of a green Christmas…

After the treats of Christmas Day, Hannah from our Fundraising team is looking for ways to go green during the rest of the holidays with her three children. Read her five top ways to have a greener post-Christmas time and start the new year right!

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“As a priest, I’ve seen first-hand how precious water is”

Father Dominic, the parish priest at St Bede’s, Basingstoke, tells us why CAFOD’s Walk for Water appeal this Lent is so personal to him.

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How to run CAFOD’s Lent Appeal in your parish

In her role as a CAFOD parish volunteer, Jenny Hayward-Jones is getting creative about preparing for Lent. She has five suggestions for how you can run CAFOD’s Lent Appeal in your parish this year despite the current restrictions affecting us all.

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Five craft ideas you can do with shoelaces

Apart from tie your shoes, that is! Hannah from CAFOD’s fundraising team suggests some fun craft ideas for shoelaces to make use of your green Walk for Water laces – if you aren’t wearing them on your feet.

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Staying hopeful in the new lockdown

As we all adapt to the new lockdown rules, Hannah Patterson from our Fundraising department shares the ways she and her family are coping, and some ideas to keep hopeful in the coming weeks.

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The power of a Birth certificate – a World Gifts update

Rachel works for CAFOD. Here she reflects on how meeting Katy, a CAFOD Gapper, helped her to discover the power of a simple birth certificate, and inspired her to create a new, very special virtual gift for CAFOD’s World Gifts collection that will help babies and children around the world.

The importance of a birth certificate

A birth certificate. Every person needs one, it shows our citizenship, lets us get a passport – it tells the world who we are. And I think that here in the UK, we take this simple legal document for granted.

But for people living in poverty, perhaps in rural areas, where babies are born at home, it is often forgotten. And a child without a birth certificate faces problems.

In Zimbabwe, children without a birth certificate cannot go to school, take exams, apply for an ID card, vote, travel, nor access many other basic essential services.

You can buy a Birth certificate World Gift so that a child can go to school

I’ve worked in fundraising for years and am always eager to hear about how donations help. Katy, who recently travelled to Zimbabwe on a gap year trip with CAFOD, told me about the terrible and long-lasting impact of growing up without a birth certificate.

Katy said, “Children around the world continue to grow up without the basic human right of an identity.”

This startling comment gripped me.

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