A Big Lent Walk to Remember

Thank you so much to all of the individuals, teams, families, schools and parishes who participated in this year’s Big Lent Walk. Your incredible efforts are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to inviting you back next year!

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Learning from Mother Teresa’s wisdom

Transforming our food system so that it benefits all of us might sound like a colossal challenge. You may well ask whether it is even achievable! But through digging in to Mother Teresa’s wisdom, we can help find the answers.

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Ten voices on ten years of Pope Francis

13 March marks the tenth anniversary of the start of Pope Francis’ pontificate. In this blog, CAFOD staff, partners and volunteers share their reflections on the impact Pope Francis has had on them during this time.

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Dorset Deanery Community Big Lent Walk

Lent is here – and so is the Big Lent Walk! Communities up and down the country are getting involved. They are gathering throughout Lent on March 18th, or whichever date they choose to walk and raise vital funds for CAFOD’s work around the world. Dorset Deanery are getting together in style!

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Memories of Lent and what the season means to me

As Lent begins, Joy Wanless, a CAFOD volunteer from Salford Diocese, reflects on her memories of Lent in years gone by, as well as her hopes for this special season in 2023.

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The Big Lent Walk in the DRC

The Big Lent Walk is well under way and CAFOD’s Democratic Republic of Congo team has been visiting communities, walking and cleaning as part of their efforts. Merveille, a volunteer at CAFOD DRC, and Cesaire, Programme Assistant at CAFOD DRC, share why they are passionate about this initiative and why they are leading the DRC team in the BLW challenge this year. Will you support them? 

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Thank you for joining CAFOD’s Christmas Fun Run 2022!

CAFOD staff and volunteers came together to organise the first full Christmas Fun Run in Liverpool since the COVID lockdowns.

CAFOD’s Christmas Fun Run 2022 took place on Tuesday 27th December. Thank you to everyone who took part in Liverpool, Bollington and virtually across the country!

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Sign up for our Christmas Fun Run

Join CAFOD runners in celebrating the Christmas season by participating in the Christmas Fun Run on 27 December. This 5k event will take place in-person in Liverpool and Bollington, near Macclesfield, or virtually anywhere you like. Whether in-person or virtual, sport your best reindeer antlers or Santa hats and come together with the greater CAFOD community!

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