A Big Lent Walk to Remember

Thank you so much to all of the individuals, teams, families, schools and parishes who participated in this year’s Big Lent Walk. Your incredible efforts are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to inviting you back next year!

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Finish your Big Lent Walk with the Walk to Easter

In the final days of the Big Lent Walking Challenge, join the ‘Walk to Easter’ by reaching 40km in 8 days—the perfect number for Lent! Starting on Palm Sunday, continuing through Holy Week and finishing on Easter Sunday, we invite you to finish the Big Lent Walk in style and bring your faith, fundraising, and fitness together.

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The Big Lent Walk in the DRC

The Big Lent Walk is well under way and CAFOD’s Democratic Republic of Congo team has been visiting communities, walking and cleaning as part of their efforts. Merveille, a volunteer at CAFOD DRC, and Cesaire, Programme Assistant at CAFOD DRC, share why they are passionate about this initiative and why they are leading the DRC team in the BLW challenge this year. Will you support them? 

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Walk Against Hunger around the world

Hear from some of the people around the world who joined CAFOD’s Walk Against Hunger challenge from last year and find out why they took part.

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Gospel reflection: I am the living bread

A reflection on the Gospel (John 6:51-58) considering how God is always close to us, living alongside us, and how we in turn can be alongside those who are in need. This reflection was written by Linda Jones in our Theology team.

Based on the gospel for Sunday 19 August – John 6:51-58

I am the living bread that came down from heaven.”

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Why should we protect human rights?

Our belief in the inherent dignity of every person calls us to protect the rights of everyone in our human family. We ask people from some of the organisations we work with why protecting rights is essential if everyone is to reach their God-given potential.

Speak out about human rights – become a campaigner with CAFOD

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